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Discovery Senior Living’s FlexChoiceSM Program Wins 2022 Argentum Best of the Best Award

Discovery Senior Living’s FlexChoiceSM Program Wins 2022 Argentum Best of the Best AwardThe innovative pricing model allows resident seniors to select from a flexible menu of à la carte dining and lifestyle experiences each month, only paying for the options and services they choose to utilize.

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – August 16, 2022 – (

Discovery Senior Living (“Discovery”) has received a 2022 Argentum Best of the Best Award for its FlexChoiceSM program, the company announced. Held annually by seniors housing industry association Argentum, the Best of the Best Awards recognize innovative new programs and services that are working to improve the future of senior living. 

Discovery’s FlexChoiceSM program debuted in October 2021 and was launched at select communities. The program’s provisions enable resident seniors to eliminate “bundled” or pre-packaged meal and service plans, instead choosing from dozens of available dining and lifestyle service options and paying only for those they opt to enjoy each month. 

Lifestyle customization programs like FlexChoiceSM are a focal point of Discovery’s resident-focused operating model—called Experiential LivingSM—which aims to empower more customized lifestyle experiences that will better satisfy the next generation of active seniors. 

Lifestyle personalization is the foundation upon which the future of our industry is now being built,” said Gottfried Ernst, Vice President of Operations for Discovery Senior Living. “But beyond just optimizing the resident experience, FlexChoiceSM and the latest technologies can help reveal resident preference and usage patterns, promote more operational efficiency, refine purchasing and reduce the number of wasted goods and services. That makes this a true, two-way innovation with the power to change senior living for the better.”  

James Balda, Argentum President and Chief Executive Officer said, “Congratulations to our 2022 Best of the Best Award Winners. Argentum members work daily to provide the level-best care and services for residents and these six communities are doing that and more with these ground-breaking new ideas on taking their caregiving efforts to the next level.” 

FlexChoiceSM is currently being rolled out at additional Discovery communities throughout 2022. Discovery Senior Living currently owns and operates a portfolio of 111 communities in 19 states.

About Discovery Senior Living

Discovery Senior Living is a family of companies that includes Discovery Management Group, Morada Senior Living, TerraBella Senior Living, Discovery Development Group, Discovery Design Concepts, Discovery Marketing Group, and Discovery At Home, a Medicare-certified home healthcare company. With almost three decades of experience, the award-winning management group has been developing, building, marketing, and operating upscale senior-living communities across the United States. By leveraging its innovative “Experiential Living” philosophy across a growing portfolio of more than 15,000 existing homes or homes under development, Discovery Senior Living is a recognized industry leader for lifestyle customization and, today, ranks among the 10 largest U.S. senior living operators and providers.

Media Inquiries

Heidi LaVanway, Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]| 239.301.5330

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Discovery Senior Living’s FlexChoiceSM Program Wins 2022 Argentum Best of the Best Award

dotstudioPRO Launches ‘dPRO FAST Engine’, the Streaming Industry’s Only Turn-Key FAST Aggregation Solution

dotstudioPRO Launches ‘dPRO FAST Engine’, the Streaming Industry’s Only Turn-Key FAST Aggregation SolutionIn response to FAST linear aggregator’s challenges managing and launching hundreds of streaming channels on their OTT services, dotstudioPRO has entered the market with its new solution. dPRO FAST Engine is a complete back-end and front-end solution for streaming FAST Linear Channels within an elegant designed turn-key electronic programming guide (EPG), powering over 400+ channels to date.

dotstudioPRO Launches ‘dPRO FAST Engine’, the Streaming Industry’s Only Turn-Key FAST Aggregation Solution
Meet dPRO FAST Engine

Launch your own version of PLUTO TV with our elegant turn-key design

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – August 16, 2022 – (

dotstudioPRO, an industry leader in online streaming video technology, announced today the launch of their new product “dPRO FAST Engine“, which currently powers clients like Allen Media Group’s Local Now, Sports TV, and The Grio TV. In collaboration with world-class UX/UI design firm Baby Steps and powered by dotstudioPRO’s award-winning Video CMS, the dPRO FAST Engine is a linear channel aggregator that enables streaming platforms to distribute and monetize their Free Ad Supported Linear OTT channels across Mobile, WebOS, tvOS, Android, Tizen, Roku, and HTML5.

dPRO FAST Engine is a complete back-end and front-end solution for streaming FAST Linear Channels, which includes an electronic programming guide (EPG) framework. FAST Engine comes with an award-winning management system helping publishers ingest linear channels from today’s top playout systems, manage monetization with server-side ad insertion through integrations with today’s popular technologies such as Thunderstorm; AdSpring; Publica; and AWS Mediatailor. The system has integrated with disparate EPG delivery formats coming from companies like Amagi, WURL, Frequency, Veset, and Gracenote, creating standardizations through normalizing meta-data and providing simple API end-points.

With its partnership with a leading design agency Baby Steps, dotstudioPRO has developed a world-class UI/UX framework for dPRO FAST Engine. The framework comes with front-end components and an elegant easy-to-use EPG template with SDKs available on all OTT devices to help accelerate application development. This framework enables developers to focus on front-end user experiences rather than wrestling with complex back-end APIs directly. Truly the heavy lifting has been done to launch features and components that are now basic requirements for any streaming service. 

“Our deep experience crafting consumer-focused FAST products is super-charged by the dPRO FAST Engine. We have collaborated closely with dotstudioPRO in designing a best-in-class UI/UX framework, resulting in a well-branded, familiar, frictionless experience for all consumers. dotstudioPRO’s CMS and APIs are purpose-built with strategic flexibility in mind, setting the foundation for an incredible, unique, engaging experience for each and every client and consumer.” – Adam Babkes & Mike Mintz, Owners of Baby Steps

“Together with Baby Steps, we are on a fast-paced track with the development of cutting-edge innovation for the FAST video streaming industry,” said Joe Pascual, Co-Founder, and CTO, dotstudioPRO. “In the recent past, many solutions rightly focused on tools for the content rights holder to create and distribute their branded channels. Now we believe that with our framework, more companies like Local Now and Sports.TV, both currently leading the pack in sports channels (as sighted in a Variety article, on July 27, 2022), will be able to compete and succeed in the direct-to-consumer aggregation business,” Pascual continues. 

dPRO FAST Engine currently services over 400+ linear streaming channels and is tailor-made for any service looking to launch their own Pluto TV or Fubo TV to extend their current On-Demand offering. 

About Baby Steps

Baby Steps is an award-winning digital product design agency in Los Angeles and Portland. We create unique websites, web apps, and online video streaming experiences.  Over the last 22 years, we have enjoyed working with clients such as Comcast, Amazon, JW Player, Red Bull, and Oakley. Our goal is to be a partner with our clients: to learn the goals of their business so that we can better help to achieve them. We are very proud that our first client is still a client today.  Everything we build is custom for each of our clients, ensuring that each and every project we complete is done on time, on budget, and exactly to the spec agreed to. Please visit for a deeper dive.

About dotstudioPRO

dPRO is an award-winning CMS, OTT-centric API library, and state-of-the-art App SDK tool kit that enables our clients to launch a best-in-class streaming service. The platform also offers AVOD/SVOD and TVOD monetization plus VOD and Fast Channel syndication feeds to over 30+ third-party platforms like Vizio, Pluto, Plex, and XUMO. With decades of experience in media and entertainment, the team at dotstudioPRO knows that if you build a good product, good things can come from it.

dotstudioPRO’s dedication to innovation has won the company Most Innovative Company Awards with Sprokit and NAB, and Ad-tech San Fransisco, including nominations for CTO of the Year with LA Business Journal. To learn more, please visit dPRO FAST Engine


CONTACT:  dPRO Team, [email protected], 424-242-0595 ext 102.

Learn more about Sports FAST from the July 27, 2022, article in Variety by Gavin Bridge:

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dotstudioPRO Launches ‘dPRO FAST Engine’, the Streaming Industry’s Only Turn-Key FAST Aggregation Solution

‘NOT A TAME LION’ Wins Grand Prize Alternative Spirit Award (Documentary) at the 40th Rhode Island International Film Festival

‘NOT A TAME LION’ Wins Grand Prize Alternative Spirit Award (Documentary) at the 40th Rhode Island International Film FestivalAn amazing debut for the Indie Documentary Feature

LOS ANGELES – August 16, 2022 – (

Treading Yesterday LLC announces that ‘NOT A TAME LION’ has won the Grand Prize Alternative Spirit Award (Documentary) during the 40th Rhode Island International Film Festival, in addition to winning Best Documentary Feature at the 27th Indie Gathering International Film Festival during the film’s premiere weekend.

NOT A TAME LION, the Documentary Feature, recounts the life and works of John Boswell, the Yale Professor who read and translated 14 ancient and modern languages, became a Yale Professor by age 30 and was granted full access to the highly classified and restricted Vatican archives from which he researched four award-winning books, making him a world-renowned expert in Medieval History and Linguistics. John Boswell was also openly gay without apology in an era that was neither tolerant nor accepting. NOT A TAME LION offers first-hand accounts of Boswell’s closest friends, students, colleagues and family members as they recount his life, his works and his final days during which he feverishly worked to complete SAME-SEX UNIONS IN MEDIEVAL EUROPE, a book that changed the trajectory of the Marriage Equality debate, all while privately battling the debilitating effects of AIDS, which led to his death on Dec. 24, 1994, at the age of 47.  

The significance of winning the top award in two International Film Festivals during the films debut weekend is not lost on the filmmakers, who express thanks to the Family and Friends of John Boswell who participated in the film’s creation. According to Craig Bettendorf, the director, it’s the authenticity of NOT A TAME LION that resonates with both festival juries and the viewing public as they experience the story of a person who influenced society to such a great extent but who few remember in 2022.

Treading Yesterday LLC focuses on the creation of LGBTQ+ stories, including its original series, TREADING YESTERDAY, set to debut on the Dekkoo streaming service on Sept. 27, 2022.

NOT A TAME LION has just begun its participation in the Film Festival circuit with several more screenings planned during the last half of 2022, including Cinema Diverse, the LGBTQ+ Palm Springs Film Festival in September and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in November. 

NOT A TAME LION is written and directed by Craig Bettendorf, produced by Kai Morgan and represented by Alex Nohe of Blood Sweat Honey.

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‘NOT A TAME LION’ Wins Grand Prize Alternative Spirit Award (Documentary) at the 40th Rhode Island International Film Festival