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2022 makeup trends that I’m NOT excited about:
the lipsticks I mentioned are “A Royal Scandal” by Gucci: and “1990” the Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick: thank you for watching! ❤️

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my sweater is a very old h&m piece that I bought from Poshmark
the orange bag in my background is by Polene Paris


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23 thoughts on “2022 MAKEUP TRENDS THAT I AM EXCITED ABOUT!!!!

  1. I know i’m late here, but i am new to this, and i just wanted to say that as someone who layered 4 peach/gold/pink highlighter products and 2 pink/coral blushes, all draped, with loosely applied icy pink and stormy taupe eyeshadow, NO mascara and no base, nude lip, just to clean house in a baggy t and basketball shorts, i much enjoyed this video and this take on makeup as play and celebration rather than sculpting the face. (I still dont know how to contour, im scared.) (but i own 2 contour palettes). I especially love your mention of that face you wake up with in the morning..thats..yes! Lovely. Beautiful video.

  2. I think you really broke it down. I love today's post Euphoria makeup because as much as I like to do glam makeup for my stage work I don't always want to play this perfect little character. I like to do my makeup on my off days where people can accept The Lovable flawed person that I am with no expectations of perfection.

  3. the euphoria makeup trend is made by donni davy, the makeup artist, and her collaborations with the actors. her first (big?) project was working on Moonlight (2016). she is coming out with a makeup line called half magic coming out may 17.

  4. I'm really excited for natural skin makeup with matte foundation. I'm also excited for colorful eye makeup in very light washes and less structure but strategic in liner and glitter placement.

  5. I have never watched one of these trend videos where I literally agreed with 95% of everything!!! (The one thing I don't agree about is falsies. I mean, I do agree in the sense that I love embellishing my own natural lashes, but I love doing that because I have long natural lashes. There are plenty of people who won't want to be told to embrace their lashes, and they should be able to do whatever empowers them!)

    I am SO HERE for playful makeup. I find it so freeing to stop caring about hiding my natural features or down turned eyes. I just want color and glitter. And BROWNS OMG. I have a brown liquid lipstick from Kaleidos that completes me. I have also never liked blush on me before – it always looked sickly or unnnatural. Recently I tried a very mellow, neutral brown blush and my face looked RADIANT and shapely. Give me the grunge!

    Love your videos. Thank you for making them.

  6. My thoughts re trend #1: Is it “Euphoria Makeup” or, is the makeup the show uses, merely a reflection of this goddess-awful, stifling pandemic, world-wide movements toward nationalism & autocracy (which so rightly, the young are rejecting), and an overwhelming need amongst all of us to reconnect, be ‘seen’ for who we truly are, and end these isolating times? A chicken/egg question if you will. The makeup changes just feel too large to attribute to one cable show—that depicts highly suspect behaviors, completely unchecked by adults until near-death or actual death is reached. This new, playful, artistic, expressionist, style of makeup, which is seen worldwide, feels larger than a cable show. I know I’m ‘in!’ Great video! 🌝🌻

  7. Browns have been tainted for me. My high school uniform was a brown and yellow tartan skirt, brown jumper, brown shoes and lemon yellow shirt.

  8. I literally wore this euphoria makeup when i was in high school back in 2005. Glitter, stars, fun eyeliner. Everybody laughed at me. Great to see I was 17 years ahead in fashion haha

  9. Thank god natural lashes are coming back. I will never wear false lashes. I do think they are great for people who struggle with their lashes. But I don’t like an obvious false lash look. We should all still look like ourselves.

  10. Oh I’m actually so super glad that you went so in depth on the first topic! It made me realize that having fun without worrying about “perfecting” my face is how I want to approach makeup 🙂 I’m 18, and just started playing with makeup a couple of years ago, so makeup really made me anxious and nervous because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the skills to do it “right,” but I really was curious and wanted to explore it despite that. But I’m glad that my parents didn’t let me wear makeup until I was a little older, because if they had, I think I would have gotten a little obsessed with looking perfect at such a young age. Thank you for articulating so well the desire to just enjoy makeup without any expectations 😁

  11. I would be so excited if more people would really PLAY with makeup!!! My go to makeup looks are all experimental and I always meet people don't getting it. And the most simple looks are the best because everyone can do it, you can't go wrong.

  12. You denfinetly inspired me, as I listened to you I got mascara smudged under my eye and instead of taking it off I drew on a star, it's very out of my comfort zone but I'm gonna rock it today 😋

  13. I would be pretty stoked on a natural lash trend. I almost always finish off with mascara and so much of the time I am just like, I like it so much as it is. Then I tell myself I will just throw on a slick and I end up overdoing it.
    I need to just let myself put the mascara down. I don’t know why it’s so hard.

  14. I like the way you talk about these topics, what you say about playful makeup embracing makeup as creativity rather than a way of "correcting". I hope it's not a temporary trend but a direction we continue to go in as it seems much healthier.
    I also think brown is such an underrated colour – for clothing black or navy is always used as a safe neutral, and it bugs me that there isnt room for much warmth there.
    agreed again on false lashes, maybe I'm salty because I have never successfully applied them, but I do think they can make looks a lot more generic and I dont like them being the default even if they can look really good.

  15. That full glam they are talking about reminds me of 80's rockstar glam, Jem and the Holograms style, and I love that. I love how many of these smudgy bright looks remind me of clouds, I just want to look like the sun shining under the clouds now!

  16. I too am prone to carrying around the darkness. Thank you for sharing this exciting trend and the lightness it represents. In this exact way that you've shared it!

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