9 technologies that are already on their way out

Time marches on, and there are a lot of examples of the things it passes by when it comes to computer-related items. Older readers may remember when computers were fed data using punch cards, which gave way to tape, which were replaced by 8-inch discs, which moved over for 5-1/2-inch discs and then 3-1/4-inch ones.

Compact-disc and DVD drives are still found in desktops, but they’re not as plentiful as they used to be.

What’s next to go?

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The website iDropnews (www.idropnews.com) covers all things Apple, as the small “i” in front of its name might indicate. So that’s why the content below about the nine items its editors think are going away over the coming years may have a few mentions of Apple products. The final list was written by Kelly Hodgkins, an experienced freelancer.

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