Men's grooming pioneer Baxter of California launches an ALL-NEW Revitalizing Exfoliating Body Wash and expands their iconic Aluminum-Free Deodorant with TWO NEW invigorating fragrances.

Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Wash and Deodorants

Baxter of California introduces new Exfoliating Body Wash and Deodorants

Baxter of California, a men's grooming brand with a superior assortment of hair, skin and shaving essentials, introduces the Revitalizing Exfoliating Body Wash and expands their Aluminum-Free Deodorant collection with two new fragrances inspired by California landscapes. The addition of these products helps to nurture consumer needs and elevate their current grooming routines. 

The Revitalizing Exfoliating Body Wash has a rich-lathering, hydrating formula for all skin types. This body wash is fit for everyday use and gently exfoliates the body to leave skin smooth, clean and fresh. This body wash has a subtle scent that is inspired by the iconic Exfoliating Body Bar. This wash is infused with ingredients including Pumice, which helps gently exfoliate dead skin, and a jojoba meal with Vitamins B and E to help maintain the skin's moisture and help exfoliate rough patches, boosting cell renewal.  

"I'm excited for Baxter of California to be launching the Revitalizing Exfoliating Body Wash, especially with colder months creeping up on us. My skin tends to get dryer as the temperatures drop, and this body wash is just what I need to treat and prevent dry, flaky skin," says Jose Figueroa, Associate Brand Manager of Baxter of California. "Our team is always looking for new ways for our consumers to take their grooming routine up a notch and we think this body wash is the perfect addition to any grooming routine. I especially love that it has a subtle signature scent and is suited for all skin types, so a wide range of users can enjoy it."  

Baxter of California is also expanding their cult-favorite Aluminum-Free and Alcohol-Free Deodorant with two new fragrances: Italian Lime and Pomegranate Essence, Cedarwood and Oakmoss Essence. These two new additions are inspired by other Baxter of California products that have these scents. This deodorant tackles odors by detoxifying and conditioning the skin with a clear, solid formula with tea tree and witch hazel. With the same consistent formula, this deodorant will now be available in the two new fragrances, along with the original scent, Citrus and Herbal Musk Essence.  

"Our consumers love our Aluminum-Free and Alcohol-Free Deodorant formula because it really works; it does not stain clothing and works well for sensitive skin," says Jose Figueroa, Associate Brand Manager of Baxter of California. "This deodorant is a star at Baxter of California and we are so excited to now offer it to our customers in two new fragrance additions."  

The Revitalizing Exfoliating Body Wash will be priced at $25 and the Aluminum-Free Alcohol Deodorant will be $22. You can shop these products on and at the Baxter Finley Barber Shop starting Sept. 5, 2023.  



Since 1965, Baxter of California has been a pioneer in understanding and meeting personal care needs. Our curated range of hair, skin, shave, and body essentials and lifestyle products are all tested by master barbers at our award-winning Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in Los Angeles. Our products are designed for quality and versatility to provide consumers with everything they need to confidently be who they are.  


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