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Black Friday: Kora Organics is 20% off sitewide

Black Friday: Kora Organics is 20% off sitewide

Kora Organics

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During Kora Organics Black Friday sale you can save 20% off skin care when you use the code GLOWBRIGHT20 at checkout until Nov. 29. If you’ve never heard of Kora Organics before, it’s a company owned by supermodel Miranda Kerr that’s all about treating yourself well, inside and out. 

There are just a few Kora Organics items on sale at this time, so it’s simple to explore this offer without getting overwhelmed. All of the products target hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dullness and wrinkles and more, just like many other products. The name behind the brand, its sustainable model and its connection with crystal energy, notably Rose Quartz, set this brand apart. You’ll also get a limited-edition beauty case for free if you spend $125 or more. 

If you want a suggestion, I’d say try the Turmeric brightening and exfoliating mask or the Turmeric glow moisturizer if you want to try the turmeric trend. But as always, shop early, and shop fast, since some products are already sold out. 

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