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Lost iPhone or Android phone? Follow these steps first

It’s the worst feeling: that moment you realize your smartphone is missing.

Panic ensues, and you begin the frantic search around you, lifting sofa cushions and retracing your steps. But wait, did you even bring it in the home from the Uber? Oh no.

Of course, it’s bound to happen at some point, when it’s a small device you carry with you literally everywhere. But with some models north of $1,500, this would be one pricey thing to lose.

And that’s not the worst of it, as the cost to replace the hardware itself may be pale in comparison to exposing all your data – including potentially sensitive information about you (or your company) – should it fall into the wrong hands.

You at least had a lock on the phone, though, right? You sure?

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And what about those irreplaceable photos and home movies you recently shot on your device, but didn’t back up. Those detailed notes you had about a billion-dollar idea. Messages with friends and relatives you never deleted, just because.

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