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What wouldn’t any of us do to stop into a spa once or twice – maybe even three – times a week?

With work concerns, familial responsibilities and a still-can’t-believe-it pandemic to contend with, there’s not a person among us who doesn’t deserve a soothing facial on the regular.

Finding the time and money to do so though, is a whole other matter.

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That’s where Foreo beauty devices come in. These little, innovative devices – that you’ve no doubt seen splashed all over your social media channels – are being attributed for elevating the skincare routines of faces the world over, and’s Best Of team decided to learn more.


Foreo Beauty Devices, The Iconic, $149-299

These innovative beauty devices promise to bring the experience of a luxury spa treatment home. Constructed from antibacterial, non-porous silicone – no hidden nasties! – you never have to worry about your precious facial creams ending up soaked into terry cloths or facial brushes, rather than into your skin where they should be. Powerful pulsations shake free dirt, oil and makeup residue in as short as one minute, leaving pores clear and skin tone even.

In recent years, Foreo has also expanded their range to include the Foreo UFO – a light therapy device that when paired with specialised facial masks, treat everything from pigmentation to depleted collagen levels. With review upon review on the wellness brand’s site citing discernible differences in as little as a week, its no wonder these little beauty devices have developed a dedicated following.

There was nothing left to do but to put them to the test.


Mariela Summerhays, Commercial Content Writer, early-30s – Normal to dry skin
Foreo LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing Massager – Normal Skin, $299

Among the latest evolutions of Foreo devices, the LUNA 3 has been designed to work away the sweat and oil that inevitably builds up in pores during exercise. 8,000 pulsations per minute reach into pores, aided by silicone bristles that are an impressive 30 per cent longer and 25 per cent softer than the previous generation. With 16 different intensities to choose from, this cleansing device can be customised to sit your unique skin.

Mariela recommends with: Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser 150ml, $15; Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream 50ml, $51

“I’ve always been about skincare. My hair – poor thing – is largely left to fend for itself, tied up and out of the way, given little to no thought. But my skin? Lovingly nurtured and cared for through the years. So when I recently picked up a running – okay, walking – habit recently, I was conscious about the added sweat and dirt my skin would be storing in its pores.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when the Foreo LUNA 3 came into my life.

It’s not hard to love this device. I know some people will swear by a facial cloth, but I’ve been wary of the hidden bacteria that can live in damp fabrics; the silicone construction of the LUNA 3 gives me peace of mind that only my cleanser, and nothing else will be coming into contact with my pores. A mother-of-three, my skincare routine has to be short and sharp, so I love knowing that I only need a minute after my morning regimen to get my skin clean and glowing again.

Truly, at its price point, I would say this device is worth it for its cleansing and exfoliating properties alone – relaxed and thoroughly cleansed face after a minute? Too easy – but it also acts as a firming massager. After seeing me using this function only once (and observing my enjoyment), my skincare-apathetic husband has now hooked his phone up, and uses it at least once a week. If that isn’t a glowing testament, I’m not sure what is.”

Rating out of five: ★★★★★


Jessica Wang, Commercial Content Writer, mid-20s – Normal to oily skin
Foreo LUNA Mini 3 Facial Cleansing Massager, $219

Clean and glowing skin in 30 seconds? The LUNA Mini 3 manages it, thanks to 8,000 pulsations per minute, removing an incredible 99.5 per cent of dirt, oil, sweat and dead skin cells. With silicone bristles 25 per cent softer than its predecessor, this supremely portable cleansing device offers a relaxing spa experience – with no need to stress about it dying mid-regimen, courtesy of an incredible 400 uses per charge.

Jessica recommends with: The Body Shop Carrot Wash Energising Face Cleanser, $22

“For the lazy girl who wants a skin-firming and glow-boosting facial massage at the literal touch of a button, the Foreo Mini 3 honestly takes the effort out of cleansing. Unlike traditional flannels, the fine and super soft silicone bristles don’t irritate the skin or cause redness while working hard to remove grime, oil and makeup.

It also feels really, really nice to use on the face. If you like the idea of being someone who does a soothing facial massage every night but lack the patience and time to do so, the Foreo has you covered. No guashas or strategic pinching and kneading required.

Simply use a generous amount of facial oil or a balm cleanser and use the device to work the product into your face. I like to use gentle circular motions while letting the vibrations do its thing. If you’re really in a rush – and really, aren’t we all? – you can also tap the start button twice to use the Foreo Mini 3’s ‘Glow Boost Mode’. The vibrations will feel a little more intense but the 30 second skincare boot camp quite literally ‘wakes up’ your face, resulting in a clean and refreshed complexion, no effort needed.”

Rating out of five: ★★★★


Eliza Cracknell, Commercial Content Vertical Manager, mid-30s – Pigmented skin
Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment, $149

A different treatment from the other devices featured in this story, the Foreo UFO combines advanced dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas to transform your complexion. A specially-formulated Hyper-Infusion Technology (toggling between Thermo-Therapy mode, to Cryo-Therapy mode, to UV-free phototherapy mode) uses your skin’s natural reactions to heat and cold – plus the brand’s signature pulsations – to get the most out of every specific mask treatment you apply.

Eliza recommends with: Foreo AM & PM UFO Activated Mask Duo, $30; Beauty Mask Survival Pack – UFO Activated, $81

“Before having kids, I was a regular Omnilux (Light Therapy) user, I’d do monthly sessions at a salon and would shout the benefits to anyone who seemed to be remotely interested. For me, light therapy helped reduce redness, keep breakouts at bay and left my skin tone even and glowy. So it was with great excitement I got my hand on the Foreo UFO.

It’s been over a month now and I really loved it. It’s not going to make wrinkles disappear overnight but my skin feels great and I’m more confident to go out of the house without make-up. I haven’t had a breakout since using it – which is incredible! I’m also noticing my pigmentation is getting a little lighter on my cheeks. Looking forward to seeing the long term results.

From my perspective the treatment works best with a Foreo mask. You can add your own serum and do a manual setting on the device which I did try a few times, but then the treatment isn’t as targeted. What makes the device work so well is that through the bluetooth connection it stimulates a different combination of LED lights, thermotherapy or sonic movements based on the mask picked. If you just have your own serum you aren’t able to target a specific skin issue you are wanting to resolve.

Over the past month I have tried Youth Junkie, Shimmer Freak and Make My Day. My favourite mask is Youth Junkie. The creamy collagen-infused gel serum is lovely but it’s the treatment the device delivers with the mask that I particularly enjoy. This treatment involved the Red LED light to give skin a more youthful appearance, plus warm sonic pulsing to help the collagen penetrate deeper into the skin. Bliss!

Note of warning, this is something that you have to be consistent with to get the best use of the device. You need to find time to carve it into your day/week and be good at buying and replenishing the masks.

What is also nice about the treatment is that you can do it while checking work emails in the morning or while watching TV at night. It’s an easy way to add a supercharged facial into your daily routine. So I’d say it’s perfect for people who are skincare fanatics yet are time poor and don’t want to pay to consistently go to salons.”

Rating out of five: ★★★★



Still haven’t found the facial cleansing brush for you? We’ve gathered the best alternatives on the market worth considering.

PMD Beauty Clean Pro Cleansing Device, Adore Beauty, $225

An impressive 7,000 pulsations per minute breaks down oil and dirt within pores, leaving skin not only clean, but lifted, firmed and toned. An exclusive ActiveWarmth technology aids delivering serums and facial creams deeper into skin, getting the utmost from your existing skincare routine; and rechargeable, a single charge will give up to two to three weeks of use. Bonus? Being waterproof, this ergonomically designed cleansing device is easily worked into your shower routine. The PMD Clean Pro comes with a one-year warranty.


Peppy Co Cleansing Egg, The Iconic, $119

Upon hearing that I was writing a story about facial cleansing devices, a couple of writers immediately professed their love for the Peppy Co Cleansing Egg. From the same company that gave us the innovative Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask V2, this cleansing egg is fitted with five different intensities, whisking away 99.9 per cent of impurities. Each charge offers an incredible 300 uses, and is 100 per cent waterproof. Considering its remarkable collagen-producing, elasticity-inducing abilities – and plethora of positive reviews – this option is great value at its given price.


YUNCHI Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, Amazon Australia, $38.29

I know people say that “if it seems too good to be true, it usually is”, but in the case of this $40 facial cleansing device from Amazon, it really is as good a find as you hope. 12,000 pulsations per minutes, five different levels of intensity and smart memory function – no need to recalibrate settings every time you use it – this small beauty device lasts 30 days per charge. To top it all off, it has been fitted with a noise cancelling feature, so your morning and evening routine remains as relaxing as possible. Sitting on close to 1,000 five-star customer reviews, you best take it from users themselves, one going so far to state, “So worth it compared to others that are double or triple the price … I use it every day and the first time use I could see the difference but most importantly I could feel it. A week of having it has seriously turned my skin so soft and smooth.”



Facial cleansing devices use sonic pulsations to rapidly apply pressure to your skin’s pores, shaking loose any dirt, oil, sweat, makeup residue and dead skin cells that your average terry cloth can’t get to.

The oscillation of the silicone bristles are also credited by users for firming, toning and evening out skin complexion.


Acne occurs when sebum – a particular oily substance responsible for lubricating hair and skin – dead skin or bacteria (or all the above) blocks pores. As the primary function of facial cleansing devices is to use sonic pulsations to reach deep into pores, dislodging contents, they can be attributed to preventing or even clearing acne.


Designed to be gentle on skin – infinitely more so than facial cloths and brushes that can leave skin red and raw – facial cleansing brushes can be used immediately as part of your morning and night time skin care routines.

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