A trailer has been released for the eight episode series Beacon 23, coming to MGM+ next month. Lena Headey and Stephan James star

The sci-fi thriller series Beacon 23 has taken a bumpy road out into the world. The show was first set up at Spectrum, then it moved over to AMC, and it has finally ended up at MGM+, which was formerly known as Epix. But it’s just about ready to have its premiere now. Beacon 23 will begin airing on MGM+ with a two episode premiere on Sunday, November 12th – and with that date just a month away, a trailer has arrived online. You can check it out in the embed above.

Based on Hugh Howey’s novel of the same name, Beacon 23 is set to run for eight episodes. The story takes place in the farthest reaches of the Milky Way and follows Aster, a government agent, and Halan, a stoic ex-military man, whose fates become entangled after they find themselves trapped together inside one of many Beacons that serve as a lighthouse for intergalactic travelers. Every Beacon is run by one highly trained human and a specialized Artificial Intelligence. Aster mysteriously finds her way to the lonely Beacon-keeper Halan, and a tense battle of wills unfolds. Halan begins to question whether Aster is friend or foe, as her ability to disguise her agenda and motives could make her a formidable opponent.

Lena Headey (DreddGame of Thrones) takes on the role of Aster, while Halan is played by Stephan James of Race and If Beale Street Could Talk. Also in the cast are Bo Martynowska, Daniel Malik, Dylan Taylor, Noah Lamanna, David Tompa, Ben Cain, Cyrus Faird, Jaeden Noel, Dani Klupsch, Ellen Wong, and Sydney Ozerov-Meyer. Which is more names that I expected to see attached to a show with that synopsis.

Created by Zak Penn, Beacon 23 is said to present “an intense story of isolation, deception, and secrecy.” Penn and Glen Mazzara are the showrunners and executive produce the show with David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg, James Middleton, Nick Nantell, Tina Thor, Katie O’Connell Marsh, Elisa Ellis, Liz Varner, Ira Steven Behr, Daniel Percival, and Joy Blake, as well as Headey and James.

The works of Hugh Howey also serve as the basis for the Apple TV+ series Silo.

What did you think of the Beacon 23 trailer? Will you be watching this show on MGM+? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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