The Free Movie of the Day on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel today is the World War II drama In Tranzit, starring Vera Farmiga

On the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, we will be posting one full movie every other day throughout the week, giving viewers the chance to watch them entirely free of charge. The Free Movie of the Day we have for you today is the World War II drama In Tranzit, starring Vera Farmiga and John Malkovich. You can watch it over on the YouTube channel linked above, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Directed by Tom Roberts from a screenplay by Natalia Nightingale-Grey and Simon van der Borgh, In Tranzit has the following synopsis: In 1946, a group of German POWs are mistakenly sent to a Soviet female transit prison camp and must cope with the hostility of the Soviet female inmates and guards, under the orders of cruel camp commander Pavlov.

Farmiga and Malkovich are joined in the cast by Thomas Kretschmann, Daniel Brühl, Natalie Press, Patrick Kennedy, John Lynch, Guy Flanagan, Phillip Azarov, Sergey Baryshev, Alexander Bolshakov, Katya Chunkova, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Andrey Fedortsov, Natalia Fisson, Jenny Galloway, Maxim Gudkov, Oleg Kulikovich, Maria Mescheryakova, Evgeny Mironov, Aleksandr Novin, Thekla Reuten, Fyodor Selkin, Tatyana Yakovenko, Sergey Safronov, Beverly Hotsprings, and Lyudmila Shiryaeva.

Roberts worked primarily in television for twenty-five years before he directed the 2006 film Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber. In Tranzit was his follow-up to that one, and in the years since he worked on In Tranzit he has directed Ghosts of the 7th Cavalry, Alfred and Jakobine, Every Last Child, and the TV movie Mandela: The Prison Years.

So take a look at In Tranzit – it’s free! – then let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

The movies that have previously been featured as the Free Movies of the Day can be found at THIS LINK, and also on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel.

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