Mira Sorvino is a dangerous AI system in the psychological thriller Home Safe, directed by Bad Milo’s Jacob Vaughan


Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, who has been co-starring with Courteney Cox on the horror comedy TV series Shining Vale lately and also had a role in this year’s box office hit Sound of Freedom, brings to life a dangerous AI security system in the upcoming psychological thriller Home Safe, which recently wrapped production and is now being presented to potential distributors at the American Film Market.

Directed by Jacob Vaughan (Bad Milo) from a screenplay by Juddy Talt, Home Safe also stars Felisha Terrell (The Company You Keep), Jason MacDonald (Welcome to Flatch), Emily Topper (The Thing About Pam), and Michael Shenefelt (The First Lady). The story centers on Anna (Terrell), the editor-in-chief of a news magazine, and her husband Daniel (MacDonald), the founder of an AI-centered home security company, watching as they’re threatened by a mysterious houseguest as they are expecting their first child. Becoming a threat with her growing sentience is Kiera (Sorvino), an advanced-AI home security system created by Daniel.

The film is coming our way from Crazy Legs Features, in association with Uncle Easy Productions. Scott Thigpen, Marie Halliday, and Jessica Fox-Thigpen produced for Crazy Legs Features. Executive producers include Tom Cappello, Ryan Ellison, Don Mandrik, Matt Ornstein, and Frank Schuler.

Cappello provided Deadline with the following statement: “This gripping story challenges our notions of security, privacy, and the evolving role of AI in our lives, making it a thought-provoking, suspenseful film that leaves audiences unsettled. This film brings to life the complexity and real world threat of creating machines that are designed to mimic human behavior.

Deadline notes that “Crazy Legs Features is a division of Crazy Legs Productions, an Atlanta-based full-service content creator best known for its work on reality series like 1000-lb Sisters and Cutler’s Court. The company has expanded of late into narrative, having thus far wrapped production on three features and four feature docs, with other projects to go into production next year.

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