After the emotional goodbye Hugh Jackman gave Wolverine in Logan, he makes one more exciting return to the character and it’s due to be the movie of the summer.

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

One of the projects that made sure got the push to completion after the strikes had settled last year was Deadpool & Wolverine. Marvel made sure that their much-hyped sequel to the popular Deadpool franchise would make its release this summer. Hugh Jackman’s return to the role and donning the iconic yellow costume is enough of a reason that got fans excited, and Jackman himself couldn’t believe it took this long to get to wear the comic-inspired suit. “We almost did it in The Wolverine,” Jackman said. “But from the moment I put it on here, I was like, ‘How did we never do this?’ It looked so right, it felt so right. I was like, ‘That’s him.’ There are different sides of Wolverine we haven’t seen before in the movies. It was exciting for me.“

Although Jackman had a fitting emotional end to his run with Logan, which had satisfied fans and brought them to terms with the passing of the era, he’s been all-in on this one exception (which is also amazingly fitting and sure to satisfy fans). Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have showcased their friendship and friendly jabbing on social media ever since the first Deadpool film and it all looks to come to a head with this sequel, which also introduces both characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Disney acquired Fox. Jackman has recently taken to his official social media to unveil a new poster for the film that showcases Logan and Wade in a feral fight. You can view it below, as well as pre-order your seats with tickets for Deadpool & Wolverine going on sale today.

The directing duties of this event had been taken up by Shawn Levy. Levy recently admitted that he took the opportunity to amend a tremendous regret he harbored. “When we were making Real Steel, Hugh was looking to do The Wolverine, and he asked me if I wanted to do it,” Levy said. “And like a moron, I said, ‘No’. Because I was thinking at that time, ‘Well, it’s your fifth time playing the character, I’m doing original films et cetera’. And I regretted it deeply for years. And so, when the opportunity came around again, thank God I was older and wiser enough to jump at the opportunity.” James Mangold wound up taking the helm of The Wolverine and also returned to direct Logan, which was a no-nonsense, dark and tragic outing for the character. Levy added, “On the set of The Adam Project, Ryan asked me if I would consider doing Deadpool 3.” The Stranger Things director told Empire, “And I remember him saying, ‘I know you’re gonna say no, but I’m really going to try and talk you into it.’ And my response was, ‘I’m not gonna f***ing say no, are you kidding? It’s a hard and immediate yes, sir!’”

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