An adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s novel Lore, described as Hunger Games meets Greek mythology, is in the works at Universal

The New York Times best-seller Lore (get it HERE), written by Alexandra Bracken, is set to receive the film adaptation treatment from Universal, The Hollywood Reporter informs us. Spider-Man franchise producer Amy Pascal is producing the film, and Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse – whose previous credits include G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes, the Jesse Owens movie Race, Netflix’s Rebecca, and Amazon Studio’s Jean Seberg movie Seberg – have been hired to write the screenplay.

Bracken’s writings previously inspired the 2018 film The Darkest Minds.

Described as “Hunger Games meets Greek mythology”, Lore tells the story of Lore Perseous whose family was murdered as a part of the Agon, a divine hunt that occurs every seven years as punishment for a past rebellion by nine Greek gods, who are forced to walk the earth as mortals and be hunted. After years in hiding, Lore has to decide if she re-enters the Agon to avenge her family’s death with the help of a childhood friend she thought was dead and Athena, one of the last of the original gods.

According to a Fandom Wiki site, “Lore is a hotheaded and determined woman. Her temper, like that of her father’s, flares fast and hot, regardless of how beneficial the rage actually is. Her impulsive streak is tied to her anger, and Athena tried to stoke her anger so her temper would flare. By the last fight with Wrath, however, she gains control of her anger enough to restrain herself. Lore is also always speaking her mind, even when uncalled for and even potentially dangerous. Her determination is tied into this, and her sense of justice – she will do anything that her moral compass deems justified, no matter how dangerous. She doesn’t always think her actions through nearly enough.” So this sounds like a strong role, and it will be interesting to see who gets cast as this character.

Lexi Barta and Jacqueline Garell will be overseeing the film adaptation for Universal, while Bracken serves as executive producer.

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