Spacey Unmasked, the two-part docuseries focusing on the career and downfall of actor Kevin Spacey, heads to Max this May.

Max is bringing one of 2024’s most talked-about docuseries to its platform as a trailer teasing the Spacey Unmasked docuseries debuts. The preview drops almost one year since Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey was found not guilty of sex crimes. The U.S. presentation arrives courtesy of Channel 4 and Max, with Oscar-nominee Mike Lerner producing alongside ex-Channel 4 News boss Dorothy Byrne. The two-part docuseries begins airing on Monday, May 6 and concludes on May 7.

According to Channel 4, Spacey Unmasked “investigates Spacey’s conduct and talks to multiple men unconnected to [last year’s] case about their experiences with Kevin Spacey, almost all of whom have never spoken before.”

Spacey Unmasked examines the famed actor from films like Se7enThe Usual SuspectsAmerican Beauty, and more through never-before-seen interviews and archive footage. The doc travels back to Spacey’s youth and early days on Broadway. It also reflects on the actor taking Tinsel Town by storm with commanding performances in several of Hollywood’s most memorable movies. The two-part series also delves into the allegations that led to Spacey’s downfall.

In 2023, Spacey was found not guilty on nine charges in London’s Southwark Crown Court, including sexual assault. Four men accused Spacey of sex-related crimes across a period of heated investigations. The cases brought against Spacey led to him getting blacklisted in Hollywood, with eyebrows raised any time he found a new role.

Spacey’s next film is the Massimo Paolucci-directed thriller The Contract. Spacey plays The Devil in the upcoming film. Details about the plot remain a mystery. Still, Paolucci told Variety Spacey’s character is akin to Al Pachino’s in The Devil’s Advocate or Robert DeNiro in Angel Heart, as a Satanic businessman who hires a seedy gumshoe detective to descend into Hell.

Massimiliano Caroletti and Sandro Lazzarini produce The Contract. The duo was so enthusiastic about getting Spacey into the movie that they reportedly “courted him” for eight months to convince him to play the role. Space has previously said that “people who aren’t afraid to be canceled were ready to work with him.”

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