Flight Risk, directed by Mel Gibson & starring Mark Wahlberg, lands October release, plus dates for Den of Thieves 2 and The Killer’s Game.

Lionsgate announced release dates for a few movies today, including Flight Risk, Mel Gibson’s first time in the director’s chair since Hacksaw Ridge. The action thriller, which stars Mark Wahlberg, will be released on October 18th.

Directed by Mel Gibson and written by Jared Rosenberg, Flight Risk finds Wahlberg playing a pilot transporting an Air Marshall (Michelle Dockery) accompanying a fugitive (Topher Grace) to trial. As they cross the Alaskan wilderness, tensions soar and trust is tested, as not everyone on board is who they seem.”

Our own Chris Bumbray was able to see a trailer for Flight Risk at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last month and he teased that Wahlberg is playing “WAY against type” in the movie. “He even shaved his head to look like he has a bald pate,” Bumbray wrote. “Looks like a really tight kickass thriller, and Gibson REALLY makes Walhberg look crazy in this.” Gibson is always good behind the camera, so I’m sure plenty of you will be pleased to see him back at the helm. It’s been too long.

Lionsgate also announced that The Killer’s Game, an action comedy directed by JJ Perry, would be released on September 13th. The film stars Dave Bautista as Joe Flood, a top hitman who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to take matters into his own hands by taking a hit out on himself. But when the very hitmen he hired also target his ex-girlfriend, he must fend off an army of assassin colleagues and win back the love and his life before it’s too late. The Killer’s Game also stars Sofia Boutella, Terry Crews, Scott Adkins, Pom Klementieff, and Ben Kingsley. Bumbray also caught a look at this film at CinemaCon, saying it “Looks like a hardcore, R-rated action flick and might be Bautista’s John Wick.

The long-awaited Den of Thieves sequel, Den of Thieves: Pantera, will be released on January 10, 2025. Gerard Butler and O’Shea Jackson Jr. return for the sequel, which finds Big Nick (Butler) back on the hunt in Europe and closing in on Donnie (Jackson), who is embroiled in the treacherous and unpredictable world of diamond thieves and the infamous Panther mafia, as they plot a massive heist of the world’s largest diamond exchange.

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