Paul Walter Hauser wants Jon Hamm in Inside Out 3 and knows what emotion he should play

Inside Out 2 star Paul Walter Hauser says he wants Jon Hamm to join the cast of Inside Out 3 and knows what emotion he should play.

Everyone is getting emotional about Pixar‘s Inside Out 2 and its outstanding box office performance. Shining bright with $334M+ worldwide after one weekend in cinemas, fans of Pixar’s latest trip into Riley Andersen’s mind are already wondering when we’ll get another film in the series. While Pixar has not mentioned Inside Out 3, that’s not keeping Paul Walter Hauser, who voices Embarrassment in the movie, from sharing who he thinks should play a new emotion in a sequel. According to Hauser, Jon Hamm should join the cast of Inside Out 3 as the voice of Competition.

“I wanted Jon Hamm to voice Competition or a competitive nature.” Hauser said while speaking with CinemaBlend about Pixar’s latest smash hit. “That dude [Hamm] is a real player. He can be thrown into anything.”

Sitting next to Hauser during the interview is Lewis Black, who reprises his role as Anger in Inside Out 2. According to Black, Hauser has all the ideas. If Black had his way, he’d eliminate most cast members in favor of a more significant paycheck.

Several emotions almost made it into Inside Out 2, including Guilt, Jealousy, and Schadenfreude. If Pixar decides to make Inside Out 3, could Jon Hamm join the cast? It’s entirely possible. Hamm is an actor who wears many hats, and I see him channeling a competitive nature to bring a new aspect to Riley’s evolving personality.

When I visited the studio earlier this year, I asked Pixar about their chances of making Inside Out 3. While they remained tight-lipped, they did like my suggestion of continuing to follow Riley throughout various life stages. Inside Out 3 could follow Riley into high school or college, while Inside Out 4 could see her become a parent. The fourth film in the series would split the narrative, bouncing between a 30-something Riley and her child. You can have that one for free, Pixar. You’re welcome.

Who would you cast in Inside Out 3? Do you think Pixar will revisit the series after the monumental success of Inside Out 2? Which emotions would you add to the mix? Let us know in the comments below.

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