Quentin Tarantino loves 2003’s Freaky Friday?

On the occasion of the movie’s 20th anniversary, Freaky Friday director Mark Waters recalled being cornered by Tarantino at a party.

The list of movies Quentin Tarantino loves is as long as Uma Thurman’s toes. There are the expected ones, like those from Brian De Palma, Sergio Leone and Martin Scorsese, but then there are ones that might surprise even his most die-hard fans, such as Team America, Woody Allen’s Anything Else and, as it turns out, the 2003 version of Freaky Friday.

In a new oral history of Freaky Friday to commemorate the body-swap remake’s 20th anniversary, director Mark Waters remembers the Oscar winner approaching him and endlessly praising the big finale. “I love the House of Blues sequence just because it was kind of this big thing in my mind, building up to it, this thing I pitched about the Battle of the Bands. It was a lot of people, a lot of moving parts and to have it come together like it did was super cool. One time, I got cornered at a party by Quentin Tarantino, who outlined in great detail shot by shot that sequence of the House of Blues to me. He was like outlining why it was a genius scene and a perfect ending for the movie, and I was like, ‘This is cool man. Quentin Tarantino was like, fan-geeking me.’” Maybe QT also liked the name similarity to the House of Blue Leaves?

Actually, Tarantino has sung the praises of Freaky Friday star Lindsay Lohan before, and although he has never directed her, her name did make an appearance in Death Proof and LL would later co-star in Machete, spun off from the QT / RR experiment Grindhouse. He has also never directed Jamie Lee Curtis but considers 1981’s Roadgames one of his favorite films.

As the 20th anniversary is this year, Freaky Friday has become something of a hot throwback title, with inevitable sequel talk popping up and becoming officially confirmed after years of rumors. This isn’t only exciting news for fans but the stars, who have kept in touch over the past two decades.

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