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Sarah Maple exhibits feminist work in GIANT art gallery

AN ARTIST has brought some of the boldest feminist works she has ever created to a Bournemouth town centre article gallery.

GIANT on the second floor of the Bobby’s building is set to host a solo exhibition of paints, photographs and films by seminal British artist Sarah Maple.

Featuring work from across the past 15 years, the exhibition, titled The Opposite of a Feminist, runes from November 20 to February 13.

It follows the inaugural exhibition, Big Medicine, which featured work by the Chapman brothers, Jim Lambie, Jeremy Deller and Gavin Turk.

Much of Ms Maple’s inspiration originates from being brought up as a Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds. Often using herself as a conduit to challenge stereotypes and normative behaviour, she confronts complex issues with irony and honesty.

The exhibition at the gallery, which has been founded by Bournemouth-born artist Stuart Semple, focuses exclusively on the potent feminist thread within her wider body work.

She said: “Some of this work has had to be borrowed back from private collections and I am so looking forward to seeing everything in one place again, especially in this incredible space.”

The show features work such as Menstruate With Pride, a self-portrait painting of Ms Maple, blood stained from a period whilst surrounded by colleagues.

In Signs, Maple herself can be seen holding three placards, a work which helped win her the Saatchi New Sensations prize while still a student.

Meanwhile, photographic works like her Disney Princess series question notions of archetypal storytelling by recasting well known Disney characters as politicians, scientists and football managers.

The central works in the show, Anti Rape Cloak and Freedom of Speech are perhaps the most confrontational.

In the latter, a video work in which the artist directly addresses the camera, she begins a feminist polemic only to be slapped repeatedly to the point of tears, silenced by the sting of violence.

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