The former Hellboy is starring in a new international production from Spanish and Mexican studios that is an adaptation of a Spanish novel.

Ron Perlman is set to star in a revenge action thriller from Luis Gabriel Beristáin titled The Gentleman. This is not to be confused with Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen. This film is a Spanish-Mexican co-production that has Perlman joined by a cast of international actors. It will be produced by Spanish company Esto También Pasará, whose credits include Ferocious Wolf and The Boogeyman: The Origin of the Myth, and Mexican company SDB Films, which is known for The Deal. Principle photography on the film has already commenced in San Sebastián, Spain, and will run for six weeks. The film is scheduled to be released by Universal in Spain in 2025. Variety is reporting that the film rights have been picked up by the company Film Factory.

The plot to The Gentleman involves “an aging former U.S. soldier named Theo (Perlman), who spends his days dreaming about better times that are now years behind him. Each week, Theo meets with Olga, a prostitute he pays to talk with him about who he once was and what he might have been under different circumstances. When Olga is murdered, Theo embarks on a blood-soaked revenge tour that quickly catches the attention of an alcoholic police inspector named Iborra and the cold-blooded hitman Herodes.”

The screenplay has been written by Uruguay’s Juma Fodde, who is known for such films as You Shall Not Sleep and Lobo Feroz. The script was adapted by Carlos Augusto Casas’ Spanish novel Ya no quedan junglas adodnde regresar. Esto También Pasará producer Álvaro Ariza has stated, “I fell in love with the story when I first read the book and immediately thought it deserved to be told on the big screen.” And the director, Beristáin, adds, “Entering into this world of feelings, of those who grow before adversity, being able to work hand in hand with the actors and being able to confront the novel and translate it into the audiovisual language from a new perspective, is an exciting challenge. I hope that all the international experience I have gained throughout my career can be reflected in my work.”

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