The Maze Runner reboot is in the works at 20th Century Studios, with Transcendence screenwriter Jack Paglen in talks to pen the script.

According to THR, 20th Century Studios is looking to reboot The Maze Runner franchise based on the best-selling novels by James Dashner. The studio is currently in negotiations with Jack Paglen (Transcendence) to write the script for the new film.

The Maze Runner was released in 2014 and followed a group of memory-wiped teenagers who are trapped in a walled area known as the Glade. The only way out lies beyond an ever-changing maze, which is filled with deadly mechanical creatures. The film was followed by Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials in 2015 and Maze Runner: The Death Cure in 2018.

Before you start getting up in arms over 20th Century Studios rebooting a franchise which wrapped up less than a decade ago, sources say that this project won’t be a redo of the original story or a direct sequel. Instead, the producers hope to make it a “continuation of the story [but] also return to the elements which made the first movie connect with its audience.” I would imagine that would involve returning to the concept of a group trapped within a labyrinth. The report notes that the idea behind the reboot will be similar to how the studio is approaching Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (which happens to be helmed by The Maze Runner director Wes Ball). The upcoming Apes movie doesn’t remake any of the previous movies but does connect with small details.

Original Maze Runner producers Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Lee Stollman of Gotham Group, as well as Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen of Temple Hill, will return to produce the reboot. Wes Bakk will also be involved as a producer.

The original trilogy was a surprising success at the box office, with The Maze Runner taking in $348 million on a budget of $34 million. The sequels did drop, with Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials raking in $313 million on a $61 million budget and Maze Runner: The Death Cure grossing $288 million on a $62 million budget.

What do you think of this Maze Runner reboot?

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