The Russo Brothers offer intriguing updates about Extraction 3 and The Gray Man 2, two of the duo’s biggest action rollercoasters.

The Russo Brothers are one of Hollywood’s busiest duos in an industry that moves at the speed of light. With an alarming amount of projects heaped onto their respective plates, two stand out among the crowd for action fans: Extraction 3 and The Gray Man 2

Speaking with GamesRadar+ at the Sands: International Film Festival in St. Andrews, Scotland, the Russos said The Gray Man 2 is actively developing. The 2022 original starred Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as a skilled CIA operative (Gosling) and a psychotic former colleague (Evans) who triggered a global manhunt led by international assassins. Despite getting the shaft from critics, casual audiences loved watching two of Hollywood’s biggest stars square off against one another while explosions light their destructive path.

“We’re developing concepts we think are the right direction to take the character in and so, we are working on that at the moment,” Joe Russo told GamesRadar+. “I mean, you’re juggling like 14 things at the same time so you have to apportion your time correctly to each one of them.”

Joe then expressed gratitude for the brotherly duo’s production studio AGBO, adding, “But that’s part of the benefit of having our own company now, which is filled with really important collaborators that we’ve been working with for many years, and that’s the only way we’re able to sustain this level of work. We always joke there’s not two Russo Brothers, there’s like 14.”

Regarding Extraction 3, the action-packed sequel starring Chris Hemsworth as a black market mercenary, Joe Russo says he’s scripting the threequel and is figuring out the project’s production schedule. “Yeah, we’re developing it at the moment, figuring out Chris’s schedule. Sam Hargrave is back directing. It’s an interesting franchise because he’s a very emotionally wounded character, so there’s good storytelling there I think in respect to his backstory, and, you know, his relationship to violence is one that’s built around self-loathing and guilt. And so, it adds a lot of texture I think, which allows us to tell more stories about him.”

Which sequel are you looking forward to more? Did you like The Gray Man enough to want a sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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