The Thing: John Carpenter plays coy about a possible sequel in the works

The iconic horror director spoke with an audience this past weekend, where he teased about a sequel to a beloved classic of his.

John Carpenter is one director whose imagination always exceeded his budget. He never got to Spielberg’s level of big-budget movies, but he’s always made what resources he does have count. Halloween became an accidental masterpiece because of this. Also, Carpenter has the distinct rare honor of directing a remake that is hailed as better than the original with 1982’s The Thing. John Carpenter has long since left directing movies, only to be slightly involved with the newer Halloween sequels, most notably as a composer. However, CreepyCatalog has reported on a Q&A Carpenter had recently participated in, where he teases that there may be a sequel to The Thing coming.

Carpenter recently appeared at Texas Frightmare Weekend this past week. There, hewould hold a Question & Answer period with an audience of blood-thirsty fans. One such person would ask Carpenter about the long-popular theory if Keith David’s character, Childs, is indeed the Thing at the end of the film. Carpenter did his best to dodge the answer, only to let it slip that the answer might come in a sequel. That’s when Carpenter would explain, “I have been sworn to secrecy, okay, because there may be, I don’t know if there will be, there may be a Thing 2.”

Although John Carpenter’s last film came in 2010 with The Ward, he has since been active with his music. He would work with director David Gordon Green on his ode to the original Halloween with a trilogy of sequels, and Carpenter contributed to the score. However, with this announcement, it’s not made clear what his involvement is, just that he’s “sworn to secrecy.”

Carpenter is directing again, though. In the Q&A, the horror icon would talk about an upcoming anthology horror series called John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams, where he has directed episodes. The show had recently been filmed in Prague, but in a stunning move, Carpenter directed remotely from his own home. He didn’t divulge much more information on the show, but the production may have indicated that it will be a project for Peacock.

Would you be excited for a sequel to The Thing if John Carpenter is involved? Do you think they should even explore a sequel? Sound off below!

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