Werewolves: Frank Grillo, Steven C. Miller horror film gets a December theatrical release

The horror film Werewolves, directed by Steven C. Miller and starring Frank Grillo, is set for a December theatrical release

Two years have gone by since we heard that director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night) was heading into production on a werewolf horror film that, at the time, was going by the title Year 2 – so it seems like the appropriate amount of time has passed, and now we finally have an update to share about that project: Deadline reports that Miller’s movie is now titled Werewolves and Briarcliff Entertainment and The Solution Entertainment Group are teaming up to give it a wide theatrical release in the United States on December 6th!

Starring Frank Grillo of the Purge and Captain America franchises, Werewolves will show us that a supermoon event triggered a latent gene in every human on the planet, turning anyone who entered the moonlight into a werewolf for that one night. Chaos ensued and close to a billion people died. Now, a year later, the Supermoon is back.

Grillo is joined in the cast by Katrina Law (NCIS), Ilfenesh Hadera (Godfather Of Harlem), James Michael Cummings (City On The Hill) and Lou Diamond Phillips (Prodigal Son). Miller directed from a screenplay by Matthew Kennedy (Inheritance).

An image of one of the film’s werewolves can be seen at the bottom of this article.

Miller also produced Werewolves with Myles Nestel, The Solution’s Craig Chapman, Monty the Dog’s James Michael Cummings and Jim Cardwell, Pimiente Films’ Luillo Ruiz, and Sevier Crespo. Grillo serves as executive producer alongside Tom Ortenberg, The Solution’s Lisa Wilson, Rainmaker Films’ Clay Pecorin and Russell Geyser, Burke Management’s Victor Burke and Vanzil Burke, and Sherborne Media’s Gary Raskin and Alastair Burlingham.

Nestel, who is co-CEO of The Solution, provided the following statement: “We are super excited to be releasing Werewolves later this year, exclusively in theatres. Our cast is incredible, from the amazing Frank Grillo to powerhouse performances from Katrina Law and Ilfenesh Hadera. The use of practical werewolves designed and built by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr (known from the Alien and Predator series) takes the genre back to its roots in a fresh and exciting way. We hope audiences will have as much fun experiencing the film in theatres as we had making it!

I have always been on board to watch a Steven C. Miller / Frank Grillo werewolf movie (especially one that also has Lou Diamond Phillips in the cast!), so I’m looking forward to checking out Werewolves in December. Are you interested in Werewolves? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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