With the 007 rumour mill in overdrive, we pick 10 actors that we think could potentially be the next James Bond.

In the lead-up to No Time to Die, we launched a major series here on JoBlo called James Bond Revisited. In it, we took a deep dive into all of the James Bond films, as well as our favorite gadgets, Bond girls, villains and more. Notably, we also ranked the 007 actors, and now that Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is over, folks have begun wondering who will slip into 007’s tux and become the next iconic version of Ian Fleming’s super-spy.

Of course, the rumour mill has been in overdrive over the last two years, with a recent idea that Christopher Nolan might direct a James Bond prequel being shut down pretty quickly. Whatever happens, one assumes EON will do a major relaunch for the series and that Daniel Craig will be one mighty tough act to follow.

In this special episode of James Bond Revisited (embedded above), we breakdown the rumors which have Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing the part while also digging into other fan faves, such as Henry Cavill and Idris Elba, both of whom seem disqualified from the role for various reasons. Could they still pull it off? We also dig into some other popular picks, such as Rege Jean-Page and Richard Madden, neither of whom seem likely at the moment, while also giving some wild, out-there choices of our own, including an actor who we think seems born to play the role, former Downton Abbey star/ turned The Guest badass, Dan Stevens. We also look at some other potential 007s, such as Dev Patel, who, while he might not look like a classic version of the character, may have the swagger and charisma a new variation on the role may need. We also dig into actors that might be too big for the role, such as Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston.

Who should play 007? Let us know in the comments!

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