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ANTAZERO: ANTA Launches Zero-carbon Mission Store to Embark the New Page in Sustainability in the Retail Industry

ANTAZERO: ANTA Launches Zero-carbon Mission Store to Embark the New Page in Sustainability in the Retail Industry

ANTAZERO: ANTA Launches Zero-carbon Mission Store to Embark the New Page in Sustainability in the Retail Industry

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Situated at 98 Wukang Road, a site renowned for its blend of historical significance and innovative commerce, the ANTAZERO store is the first retail format committed to achieving carbon neutral. This store showcases ANTA’ s commitment and exploration of sustainability in retail.

Spanning 450 square meters, ANTAZERO is not just a store but a community hub for sustainability. It offers a unique blend of retail space, art installations and sustainability-focused workshop and literature. This initiative was brought to life with the expertise of sustainable fashion consultant Dan Cui and his team, who have integrated creative reuse practices throughout the store using waste generated from production processes.

Since the conceptual stage of the ANTAZERO store, Carbonstop, a professional carbon management consultancy, have been invited to conduct detailed carbon footprint assessments and calculations for design plans, building materials and display equipment, etc.. This is done to promote effective carbon reduction measures at various stages. Throughout the entire decoration and construction process, measures such as using old cloth and patchwork fabrics for enclosures, preserving original walls and floors, purchasing second-hand equipment, and repurposing air conditioning and lighting fixtures are implemented to achieve over 30% emissions reduction. Building upon these carbon reduction measures, ANTA has also invited authoritative certification organization Bureau Veritas to perform “carbon neutral” certification for all stages of this process.

The store offers selected products that comply with ANTA’s sustainability concept, and among them, the newly released Anta Air Mecha running jacket and Anta Mach 4 running shoes have undergone carbon footprint assessment and received carbon neutral certification. Taking Air Mecha as an example, it incorporates recycled materials in its design and utilizes clean energy extensively during the production, resulting in an 11% emissions reduction.

In the future operation of the store, ANTA will adhere to the goal of sustainability in all aspects, including product design, production, packaging, retail, and consumer interaction. They will continuously employ sustainable operational methods, conduct thorough inspections, actively make adjustments, and fulfill their steadfast commitment to the “Zero Carbon Mission,” thereby creating a new retail model that is environmentally friendly and green.

The ANTAZERO store is an important exploration and innovative initiative in the retail industry, and it is also a new breakthrough of ANTA in terms of its sustainable initiatives. In 2021, ANTA Group established a comprehensive ESG management system, formed a Sustainability Committee to enable the Board to oversee the ESG risks and opportunities to ensure the implementation of sustainable development strategies by all brands, business units, and function departments. At the same time, ANTA has formulated a series of management systems and policies for suppliers, promoting and improving sustainable development practices and performance of supply chain partners from multiple dimensions such as labor rights, health and safety, environmental responsibilities, and sustainable development management systems. Through top-down and bottom-up efforts, ANTA has continuously achieved phased results and made remarkable progress in implementing its sustainable development strategy.

According to the latest ESG report released this year, in February 2024, ANTA Group obtained a “BBB” rating in the MSCI ESG rating, rising two levels within a year and making the fastest progress, becoming the highest-scored company in the Chinese sportswear industry. ANTA will continue to respond to the national “dual carbon” strategy, continuously promote technological innovation and the development of green technologies, adhere to a long-term mission-driven approach, and move towards better realization of “Mutualism with the Society” and “Mutualism with the Environment”.


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