Azazie Launches the ‘Atelier’ Collection | Ready-to-wear Styles with Couture Elements

Designed in Los Angeles by Azazie’s Creative Director, Daniel Sanchez, Atelier ranges from romantic and glamorous to bold and seductive, with long, flirty gowns and expertly embellished cocktail dresses. Azazie introduced unique fabrics and innovative techniques, including intricate corsetry, trend driven prints, and 3D embellishments. Standout styles include our heavily embellished short dress styles like the Cyndi Mini Dress. We refer to these dresses as little Faberge treasures. Small, ornate and highly coveted.They each feature unique details and embellishments.

The longer gowns are flirty and playful in nature. Standouts include the Heidi Feather Gown, a beaded bow front gown with ombre feathered hem, as well as the Virgo Black and White Polka Dot Gown, a printed polka dot column with jet beaded neckline and dramatic winged sleeves.

“While conceptualizing this collection, my focus was to create spiritedly elegant styles that enhance the MOMENT. Every piece has something special and noteworthy.

By offering each dress as made-to-order, customers are treated to a uniquely elevated experience: An expertly designed dress made just for them and perfect for their special occasions. Ranging from romantic to bold, each design resonates with individuality, capturing the essence of living in the moment and embodying it.” –  Daniel Sanchez, Creative Director of Azazie

Azazie’s Atelier collection is completely made to order with customizable sizing, allowing each piece to be unique as the women wearing it. Starting at $100, with embellished styles ranging from $230$500, this innovative collection is available for purchase directly on

About Azazie:
Azazie is the leading DTC e-tailer for bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion wear and accessories, offering high-quality gowns at affordable prices. Based in the tech capital of Silicon Valley, Azazie is disrupting the traditional bridal industry while garnering high ratings from customers and review sites alike. With 200+ bridal gowns and 400+ bridal party dresses in over 80 colors, Azazie is committed to body-positive fashion, offering all dresses from size 0-30, cut and sewn to order like expensive bespoke designs. Visit the website at

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