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NEW YORK, April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing BellaMano Beauty, where innovation meets elegance in the realm of nail care. Today marks the launch of the brand’s inaugural collection, a vibrant celebration of individuality and creativity through a rich array of nail and gel polishes. With shades ranging from timeless neutrals to vivid neons, sophisticated nudes, playful pinks, and deep tones, BellaMano Beauty is set to redefine the standards of beauty and self-expression in the nail industry.

At the heart of BellaMano Beauty lies a commitment to quality and sustainability. Proudly HEMA-free, the brand’s formulas are designed with the well-being of customers and the environment in mind. This launch embodies the vision of Co-Founders Casey Nguyen and Tony Goodman, who have combined their unique strengths and passions to create a brand that champions the beauty in diversity and the art of nail care.

“BellaMano Beauty is more than just a brand; it’s a movement towards embracing your unique self through the art of nail care,” says Co-Founder, Casey Nguyen. “Our comprehensive palette of colors ensures that there’s a shade for every mood, occasion, and skin tone. We want our customers to feel inspired to express themselves freely, with confidence in every coat.”

This inaugural launch features 10 meticulously curated shades of Gel Polish ($15.99) and 35 shades of Nail Polish ($12.99), each crafted to deliver exceptional pigmentation and a high-gloss finish that rivals the industry’s best. Designed for longevity and style, BellaMano Beauty invites you to explore a world of color and creativity at your fingertips.

Co-Founder, Tony Goodman reflects on the brand’s mission, stating, “Our dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. With BellaMano Beauty, we’re not just offering nail polish; we’re providing an experience that empowers and uplifts. We believe in celebrating every individual’s story and style, and our first collection is just the beginning of that journey.”

Discover the BellaMano Beauty collection today, exclusively available on Embrace your individuality and join a community revolutionizing nail care—one polished nail at a time.

About BellaMano Beauty

BellaMano Beauty is on a mission to transform the nail care experience with innovative, high-quality products that encourage self-expression and confidence in every brushstroke. Founded by visionaries Casey Nguyen and Tony Goodman, BellaMano Beauty aspires to make luxurious nail care accessible and enjoyable for all. Our products are a testament to our belief in beauty, individuality, and environmental responsibility. At BellaMano, we’re not just painting nails; we’re inspiring stories.

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