Cocone Unveils ‘Centennial’ as First Major Service Release to the U.S. Market

Led by visionary artist and digital creator Mari Kim, Centennial opens the door to a brand new digital world set to launch in early 2024

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cocone, a leading Japanese immersive entertainment studio at the forefront of avatar and digital fashion creation, today announced its next major service launch, Centennial, coming to the US market in early 2024. Centennial represents an ambitious project, led by renowned artist and innovator Mari Kim, that aims to redefine how Western audiences view virtual world experiences and connect with one another socially.

Centennial will stand at the pinnacle of Cocone’s work in creating unique digital avatars and fashion accessories, allowing players to express themselves through hundreds of customization options. Set in Centennial City, players will be brought into an immersive universe where they can collect designer digital fashion items, pick a companion in the form of an AlterEgo, create their own living space, produce their own music, and interact with other players in a shared digital social space.

“The launch of Centennial marks a pivotal moment in expanding Cocone’s services for the US community,” said Mari Kim, Centennial lead and CEO of Cocone New York. “We are eager to transport people into the metaverse through immersive, highly personalized experiences with stunning graphics and customizable characters. This is a groundbreaking way to foster connections with each other and collect cultural capital online– all at the intersection of art, fashion, and music.”

Kim joined Cocone in 2023, bringing her experiences as a renowned artist and digital creator to the globally recognized studio. Known for her unique “eyedoll” style and her work in digital content creation, she was the first Korean artist to sell her work as an NFT in 2021, fetching 288 ETH (approx. $623,862 USD). Kim has also worked with global musicians and artists as a creative director, helping to produce music videos for award-winning K-pop group 2NE1, and has had her artwork featured in several exclusive U.S. nightclubs, including Komodo Dallas and Miami.

As Centennial lead, Kim will leverage Cocone’s expertise in creating riveting interactive social services, backed by a team of developers and designers with over 15 years of experience in creating stunning worlds for players to enjoy.

“Cocone has been building metaverse projects long before the term even existed, which makes them the perfect team to realize Centennial’s ambitious vision,” continued Kim. “I am honored to be working with the top creatives in the industry and we are confident that Centennial will be a testament to Cocone’s consistent digital innovation.”

To date, Cocone has developed and sold over 16 billion digital collectibles, and averages over 2 million monthly active users across its platform. The company has partnered with some of the most recognizable brands in entertainment, including Disney and Sanrio. Centennial spearheads Cocone’s entry into the U.S. market and sets the stage for continued success as the entertainment giant continues to bring additional titles to the West.

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