COOFANDY Showcases Global Vision at the 10th Bonjour Brand Forum 2024

PARIS, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — COOFANDY, the modern men’s essentials designer brand, recently participated in the Bonjour Brand Forum 2024 in Paris, an event that took place at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on June 21st. COOFANDY’s involvement in this forum highlights its dedication to enhancing the standing of brands on the global stage, demonstrating a firm commitment to expanding its international influence and furthering the globalization of its brand.

The Bonjour Brand Forum is a prestigious platform for international brands to engage in dialogues, cooperation, and cultural diversification. This year’s forum, co-organized by Oriental Pairs and with support from various organizations such as the Fondation Prospective & Innovation (FPI), the Comité Colbert, and the Institut Français du Design (IFD) has gathered more than 500 attendees including political and business leaders, CEOs and CMOs of global head brands, creatives, designers, and opinion leaders.

The forum commenced with an opening speech by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former Prime Minister of France and President of FPI. He said, “Design acts as a brand’s promise, embodying the brand’s unity and serving as a conduit for cross-border exchanges and enhancing the brand’s value. It facilitates international communication, underscoring the pivotal role of design in branding. Design is not just aesthetics; it is culture, and branding is fundamentally about communication.”

This emphasis on the importance of design for brands aligns with the philosophy of COOFANDY, which is evident in its popular men’s linen shirts and men’s linen pants. COOFANDY’s product design has always prioritized globally applicable elements such as comfort. Also, the attention to detail has been a key factor in the brand’s popularity among consumers.

During the forum, Bojun CHEN, Brand Marketing Director at COOFANDY joined several business leaders of global brands, such as the renowned French luxury jewelry house Boucheron and the distinguished French luxury silverware and home accessories brand Christofle, among others, to delve into discussions on culture-driven innovation, brand globalization, and various other subjects.

“We aim to capture the spirit of France’s fashion capital. As a men’s clothing brand committed to quality, COOFANDY is eager to collaborate with Paris’s local designers and brands. Our goal is to absorb and incorporate the essence of Parisian creative fashion, thereby enhancing our brand. Furthermore, we hope these efforts will help us gain wider recognition and understanding from people everywhere,” said CHEN.

COOFANDY’s participation in the Bonjour Brand Forum 2024 marked another pivotal move towards achieving its global aspirations. The brand’s commitment to providing people worldwide with the best range of fashion was evident in its wide range of products. As COOFANDY continues to grow and evolve, it aims to foster greater global connections and collaborations, further solidifying its position in the international market.


Established in 2015, COOFANDY is a brand that offers a versatile range of men’s clothing essentials suitable for daily wear. The collection features business dress shirts, suits, casual T-shirts, party tuxedos, and beachwear. COOFANDY aims to simplify the shopping experience for its customers by providing an efficient and hassle-free platform to find the perfect clothing item. The brand’s primary objective is to boost your confidence by providing high-quality clothing at an affordable price. COOFANDY is dedicated to offering the best fashion range possible to its customers.

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