LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Craftchain unveils its brand story detailing its mission to disrupt the timepiece industry’s traditional, overpriced, outdated models. The company brings together independent designers and customers to discover new designers, sponsor them through crowdfunding, and receives regular deliveries of unique and high-quality watches for a fraction of the cost of traditional timepieces. They collaborate with leading horological schools to find the most promising young designers and provide them with the resources and assistance they need to realize their ideas.

Craftchain, the innovative watch subscription platform, has released its brand story, revealing its mission to disrupt the overpriced and old-fashioned models of the timepiece industry. Craftchain aims to bring unique, reasonably priced timepieces to its customers through its unique discovery model that sets it apart. The platform brings together independent designers and people who value their work. It allows customers to discover new designers, sponsor them through crowdfunding with blockchain-enabled transparency, and receive regular deliveries of high-quality watches for a fraction of traditional timepieces.

Craftchain presents a hand-picked selection of fine timepieces crafted by independent designers educated at the world’s leading institutes of horological craftsmanship. 5% of the monthly payment goes towards supporting the design partners, creating a platform for them to showcase their skills. Craftchain collaborates with leading horological schools across the globe to find the most promising young designers, providing them with the resources and assistance they need to make their ideas a reality.

The subscription service provides a reliable source of recurring revenue, which helps Craftchain plan for the future, regularly bringing the latest and most extraordinary designs. The service allows customers to try out multiple styles and designers and offers a weekly lucky draw from brands like Rolex, iPhone, Trek bikes, DJI drones, Patagonia outdoor gears and even Tesla electric cars. Craftchain has distributed over a thousand free watches through its “Subscribe One, Give One” program as part of its commitment. Customers who sign up for the service receive a high-quality timepiece while helping Craftchain give back and better people’s lives, one watch at a time.

The company’s unique approach to the watch industry has revolutionized watch culture by connecting customers to manufacturers, empowering the world’s best manufacturers with a new global supply chain that bypasses brands and merchants, and pushing them to offer equivalent quality at lower prices. The platform has improved its supply chain with modern technologies and a worldwide network of manufacturers to benefit itself, manufacturing partners, and customers.

Craftchain believes in the power of timekeeping to inspire and motivate, which is why it launched the “Subscribe One, Give One” program, giving away over one thousand watches to those in need. These watches have been worn by students striving for achievement, rising entrepreneurs, and families keeping in touch during difficult times. Through its program, Craftchain has had the honor of hearing countless inspiring stories about how its watches have made a genuine difference in people’s lives, making it both humbling and motivating.

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