CULVER CITY, Calif., Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Earth & Halo, the trailblazing luxury skincare brand, has once again captured the spotlight in the beauty industry by clinching the coveted Eye Product Of The Year award for 2023 from Beauty Innovations. This prestigious accolade marks a remarkable achievement for Earth & Halo, a brand dedicated to crafting innovative, eco-conscious skincare solutions that consistently deliver exceptional results. Founded by CEO Aaryan Ramzan, Earth & Halo has been on an impressive winning streak, previously honored as the Vegan Skincare Brand of the Year 2023 – USA and receiving the Organic Product Of The Year award in 2022 for its Blue Crystalline Face Serum.

“Apple Of My Eye” – A Revolution in Skincare
“Apple Of My Eye” stands as a testament to Earth & Halo’s commitment to innovation and excellence. This revolutionary product harnesses cutting-edge SYN®-EYE technology, a fusion of powerful peptides and bioactives that delivers rapid and visible results, meeting the highest consumer expectations. Within just 14 days, “Apple Of My Eye” enhances skin texture, diminishes lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and unveils brighter, revitalized contours. Clinically proven and celebrated for its exceptional eye care, this product has earned its place as the 2023 Eye Product Of The Year.

Premium Organic Ingredients
Earth & Halo’s commitment to quality is evident in every drop of “Apple Of My Eye.” It features organic White Water Lily Extract, sourced from the pristine Nymphaea Alba flower, to maintain skin moisture balance, soothe, brighten, and provide antioxidant protection. Organic Sea Grape Extract, derived from rare Caulerpa Lentillifera algae, contributes to skin hydration, elasticity, and overall radiance while combating aging, wrinkles, sun damage, and impurities.

Complete Transformation
“Apple Of My Eye” is not just another eye product; it’s a comprehensive rejuvenation solution. It addresses concerns beyond the eyes, extending its benefits to the lips. Say goodbye to fine lines, dryness, puffiness, and dark circles around your lips. Experience plumper lips and a brighter gaze with this holistic approach to beauty.

Modern Defense and Patented Hydration
In today’s world, environmental stressors like UV and blue light are ever-present. “Apple Of My Eye” offers modern defense with PEPHA®-AGE, safeguarding your delicate eye and lip contours. The patented AQUAXYL™ technology immerses your skin in 3D moisture circulation, fortifying the skin’s natural barrier within just 24 hours, ensuring youthful-looking skin and optimal hydration.

Innovative Peptide Complex and Natural Excellence
The Eyes100 peptide complex, a fusion of traditional Chinese medicine and advanced bioactives, is tailored for tender eye skin. It eliminates eye pouches, puffiness, and fine lines within 7 days, offering a brighter, more youthful gaze. “Apple Of My Eye” also incorporates nourishing extracts like Organic White-Water Lily and potent Sea Grape Extract, derived from rare Caulerpa Lentillifera algae. These ingredients detoxify, enhance elasticity, and promote radiant, healthy skin.

Embrace Your Radiance
“Apple Of My Eye” encourages you to embrace your natural radiance and reveal it from within. It’s not just about covering imperfections; it’s about revealing your inner beauty and confidence.

About Earth & Halo
Earth & Halo is a pioneering skincare brand dedicated to crafting innovative, eco-conscious skincare solutions that consistently deliver exceptional results. The brand has been recognized for its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and its dedication to creating products that enhance both beauty and environmental well-being. The company’s ethos extends beyond skincare; Earth & Halo believes in giving back to the community and the world.

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