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ETRO Man Fall Winter 22-23 Fashion Show

The Etro Fall Winter 2022/2023 collection is a journey: sidereal and Nordic, crystalline and vibrant, undertaken by a platoon of young men in the making, who face the adventure of life with a book in their pocket.
A new mental order can be felt, as crisp as the January light. The journey, whether it is knowledge
or adventure, requires a map and a map requires clarity, which is not about being schematic but
about being lucid. The collection is clear in the overlapping and accumulation of different signs:
North stars and anchors, winter sea and mountains, wolves and roses. An amalgam that, like a small
library, is united by a thin thread: the will and vision of its author, Kean Etro.
In this new feeling, even paisley finds a geometric dimension, while the exercise of dressing well regains importance.