Fashion Week in Tel Aviv to promote sustainable production, consumption

Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021 will be taking place in the White City this year from March 28 – April 1, in collaboration with Channel 13, which will broadcast the event live across the country, and the Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv, which will be the stage and setting for all the photo shoots of the Fashion Week events.Kornit Digital, an Israeli leader in digital textile printing, is set to take over Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2021 to present the works of 40 of Israel’s top fashion designers, who will highlight designs that promote best practices for sustainable production and consumption across the world. Kornit Digital to host Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021. (Eretz Israel Museum) Kornit Digital to host Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021. (Eretz Israel Museum)

“A decade ago, I started Tel Aviv Fashion Week in order to promote our local talent internationally,” said Tel Aviv Fashion Week founder Motty Reif in a statement.

“For the past five years, we’ve been a driving force behind inclusivity in fashion, and now we are tackling the industry’s most pressing issue of our time and joining forces with Kornit in order to make production more sustainable – Startup Nation technology meets fashion, to change the world together,” Reif said.The opening gala will be hosted by Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli, with Reif by her side.The theme of the event hopes to bring light to the wasteful manufacturing processes of the fashion industry. Event organizers note that while apparel represents a top category within the e-commerce marketplace, the fashion industry “remains mired in obsolete and inefficient manufacturing processes which, among other issues, are responsible for up to 25% of water pollution globally.”

Event organizers are promoting that apparel companies substitute traditional fashion cycles to a more “on-demand” approach, manufacturing only what is necessary or what is ordered, which could be viable in line with the switch to an e-commerce heavy marketplace. The revamped manufacturing processes could eventually eliminate overstock, decrease unnecessary shipping and save natural resources that would go to waste on these processes.Kornit Digital to host Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021. (Eretz Israel Museum)Kornit Digital to host Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021. (Eretz Israel Museum)

The Fashion Weekwill underscore methods and insights for designers on how to reduce their carbon footprint, while creating the same quality of work they are used to featuring.”For more than a decade, Kornit has led the charge for on-demand production, and our innovations ensure fashion designers can deliver brilliant designs, limitless color combinations, the finest hand-feel, and unparalleled durability, all while changing the game with production practices that are simultaneously more profitable, more responsive to spontaneous and shifting demand, and more eco-responsible,” said Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel.”I couldn’t be prouder to present an event that is widely recognized as a beacon for global movements and agendas and demonstrate how diversity and individual expression can be enriched and celebrated hand-in-hand with our shared vision of a more sustainable world,” Samuel said.

Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel. (Eretz Israel Museum)Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel. (Eretz Israel Museum)

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