GRAV Launches The “Bubble Up” Collection, its Second Collaboration with DGK

The two brands have come together to create three unique and limited edition items that merge the world of skateboarding with GRAV ‘s innovative design. The GRAV x DGK “Bubble Up” Collection includes:

  • GRAV x DGK “Bubble Up” Pro Deck Skateboard: This custom skateboard deck features the incredible pro skater Will Mazzari. Coming straight out of Boston, Will is renowned for his technically proficient tricks and stylish grace that have cemented his place in street skateboarding history. This deck is a testament to his skill and a must-have for any skateboarding enthusiast.
  • GRAV x DGK T-shirt: Featuring the vibrant “Bubble Up” Slush Cup design, this custom T-shirt is perfect for summer. Its playful and bright design makes it a standout piece in any wardrobe.
  • GRAV x DGK Slush Cup Bubbler: Inspired by GRAV’s iconic Slush Cup, this bubbler is adorned with a fun, bright red wrap-around decal. The whimsical shape of the` Slush Cup recalls an icy sweet treat, delivering smooth, cool hits. With a thicker and sturdier 14mm straw designed to prevent splashback, a reinforced cross-cut downstem for optimal smoke diffusion, and a recessed Dewar-seal joint maximizing internal volume, this piece is both functional and stylish.

“When DGK comes together with a partner like GRAV it makes it easy to push the boundary between performance and fun,” said Stevie Williams, Founder of DGK. “This capsule turns up the heat for Summer with some of the most timeless pieces from everyone’s collective memories. Really hyped on this one.”

The Bubble Up Collection draws influence from the beloved GRAV Slush Cup, a piece that perfectly balances functionality and playful design. “The Slush Cup is crafted to fit comfortably in hands, cupholders, and on coasters while providing excellent water filtration in a compact size. Equipped with a 14mm Cup Bowl, it’s ready for immediate use,” said Red Rodriguez, GRAV’s Director of Brand Partnerships. “We’re stoked to announce our second collab with DGK! This summer drop is an instant classic; it’s an ode to getting lost in a convenience store looking for the perfect munchie. We hope this drop gives you a brain freeze.”

This summer, elevate your skate and smoke experience with the DGK x GRAV “Bubble Up” Collection.

For more information, visit DGK’s website and GRAV’s website

About GRAV:
GRAV of Austin, Texas, represents the perfect intersection of cannabis culture, art, and social responsibility. GRAV was born from a desire to respect that culture and create art that both embodies and celebrates it. Over the years, this pursuit of perfection has resulted in a line of products that equally emphasize functionality and design. GRAV’s product quality and consistency have remained unmatched for over 18 years in the glass industry, supporting their philosophy that how you smoke is just as important as what you smoke. With attention to sustainability, company-wide DEI initiatives, and continued support to the Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, GRAV lives its mantra of “Find Your Higher Self.”

About DGK:
DGK is for those who come from nothing. It represents turning a negative into a positive and making something out of nothing against all odds. DGK is the most authentic street skateboard and apparel brand in the world. Founded by Stevie Williams in 2002, the brand aligns with his story and upbringing as the company is a tribute to skateboarders from less advantaged backgrounds. The brand represents the underdog and the people who make it against all odds.


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