Calls upon global business community to move from incremental change to taking urgent decisive action  

STOCKHOLM, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Houdini Sportswear, a pioneer in progressive outdoor apparel, is announcing release of its 2024 impact report based on the Planetary Boundaries Framework, a comprehensive report providing in-depth analysis of its environmental impact and future initiatives towards operations within planetary boundaries, for both Houdini and the global apparel industry. As the first company to attempt a corporate planetary boundary assessment, this edition follows Houdini’s 2018 report developed with scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Center/Albaeco. Houdini asks the global business community to take urgent decisive action.

The Planetary Boundaries Framework is a science-based framework developed by Stockholm Resilience Center’s scientists evaluating the state of the planet and its nine critical and interconnected boundaries, with the first assessment taking place in 2009. The 2023 assessment reported an alarming six out of nine boundaries were breached; among them climate, biodiversity and chemical pollution, including micro plastics and hazardous chemicals like PFAS.

Houdini CEO Eva Karlsson said, “The 2023 findings are alarming. The world is moving in the wrong direction in eight out of nine boundaries. My conclusion is the business sector is not doing enough. We need to collectively move from incremental to transformative change and act with urgency. It’s both our obligation and a great opportunity to reimagine business as a positive force for people and planet.”

Houdini’s own 2024 impact report based on the Planetary Boundaries Framework reveals comparative results from the previous assessment and its future plans, including Houdini’s Open Source philosophy, providing guidance for industry peers. Specific findings include:

  • A long-term perspective: Houdini’s trail map towards 2066 provides tangible goals, for instance, reaching a circular ecosystem by 2030.
  • Philosophical and science-based frameworks in tandem: Combining a belief-system with a science-based framework, bringing the rational and the human to work towards critical transition.
  • Holistic view on impact: Addressing impacts of volumes produced and lifestyles inspired and enabled, in addition to impact from product design and production, to radically reduce negative impacts.
  • Transitioning to circular products and material flows: Moving from linear to circular, as it has clear positive effects on all nine boundaries.
  • Designing a relational business model: A relational way of doing business and interacting with stakeholders, as opposed to transactional, that allows for stronger partnerships, business opportunities and resilience.

Houdini’s sustainability commitment is driven by the belief that true progress requires a deep, universal understanding of the relationship between humans and the natural world. The Planetary Boundaries Assessment serves as a critical tool in this journey, ensuring that every step taken is informed by robust scientific data.

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