Iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg Collar Comes to Auction

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who changed history for women’s rights and gender equality, famously became known for her iconic collars and jabots worn on the bench.

Potomack Auctions is offering in our Sept. 21 auction one of RBG’s favorite collars, The Pegasus, featured in Time magazine, which called her a fashion pioneer, stating she subtly encoded “meaning in her dress.” The Ginsburg family shared details with Time about the collars represented in the article. The collar is also included in a forthcoming book, “The Collars of RBG: A Portrait of Justice” by Elinor Carucci and Sara Bader, available Nov. 14.

“RBG wore this Pegasus collar in the official photo of all nine justices in 2018 after Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the court. I don’t know why she picked this one,” Carucci told Law.com. “I can only guess, and my guess is that she was unhappy with the appointment of Kavanaugh, and she used this collar to express that it is different from her other ones, and [this one] feels more confrontational, weapon-like, barbed, threatening and ready to fight or ready to protect.”

“The Notorious RBG’s Pegasus collar will be remembered as an important 21st century historical artifact that silently spoke volumes about her fierce dedication to the cause of women’s rights,” says Elizabeth Haynie Wainstein, owner of the Potomack Company. “It’s a unique piece of modern material culture and tells an important story about America. The Pegasus collar captures the essence of Justice Ginsburg and her passion for the cause of equality.”

RBG follows a long tradition in American history of women using fashion to communicate a message. In the late 18th century, Martha Washington gave portrait painter Gilbert Stuart a piece of lace ruffle to include in his important depictions of the first president. According to George Washington’s Mount Vernon, lace in the 18th century “communicated statements about one’s position.”

Also included in the Sept. 21 auction with the Ginsburg metallic collar, made by Stella & Dot, is the Martha Washington fragment of lace, evocative of the lacy jabots worn more than 200 years later by Justice Ginsburg and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Bidding is now open for the collar and the lace.

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SOURCE The Potomack Company

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