I’m having some feelings around the new-look Hollywood awards season

With the Golden Globes airing on March 1st, we are fully in the throes of the new-look Hollywood awards season, and I’m having some feelings around it all.

Normally, I adore the spectacle of Hollywood award shows. My friend and fellow film nerd Declan and I have been known to enjoy picnic carpets at home together for the Oscars. Some have the Eurovision, or the FA Cup Final, and we had this. We loved inhaling the heady glamour of it all. Casting an acidic, critical eye on the gowns, hemlines and sartorial statements was our lifeblood.

It’s not that we are huge fashion experts – far from it; I still don’t know how to pronounce Lanvin properly – but there was something hugely amusing about cooing breathlessly at the great gowns and ironically crowing “you in danger, girl”, at any outfit that we felt didn’t pass muster.

Declan would blast out witty memes on Twitter while I screamed with laughter, high off my chops on Doritos and Prosecco. I know in more recent times, it’s become highly naff to focus on the fashion side of Hollywood award ceremonies (the #AskHerMore campaign recently called on red carpet interviews to ask actresses about more than their outfits). But this girl can’t help it.

How do the socially distant, pandemic-appropriate award ceremonies feel? Well, not brilliant

Just like Kate Winslet herself I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror as a youngster holding a bottle of Dettol and pretend it was an Oscar statuette. Unlike Winslet, I have since won nothing more than a few raffles and the odd argument. (I never had designs on being an actor, but I always wanted to be a writer.)

Where other young girls dreamed of the full-blown glamour wedding dresses, I dreamed of Oscar gowns. To my young mind, Oscar dresses were signifiers of success, of hard work rewarded, the outfit donned for a lap of honour and a glorious moment in the sun.

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