Bonded by Ink. Travis Barker’s exclusive tattoo collection is now available on 

TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Inkbox, the pioneer of innovative temporary tattoo technology, announced its collaboration with legendary drummer and tattoo enthusiast Travis Barker. For the first time ever, fans can feel like they’re getting inked by Barker himself, who designed the collection alongside longtime friend and world-renowned tattoo artist, Chuey Quintanar. Made with Inkbox’s patented For Now Ink™, each tattoo lasts 1-2 weeks on the skin and is indiscernible from real, permanent ink. The collection features five designs, available in two sizes, and is available to shop on

“I was introduced to Inkbox by my son, Landon, and that’s ultimately what inspired this collection which explores love, loyalty and family,” said Barker. “Getting inked together creates a bond like no other. With Inkbox, we’ve created pieces that are authentic to me, but can also become part of fans’ stories.”

Since its inception in 2015, Inkbox has inspired fashion, beauty and tattoo enthusiasts to discover and curate their own tattoo style without commitment. Each of the five tattoos in the collection tell a story from Barker’s life, while simultaneously featuring timeless iconography from Barker and Quintanar’s own ink. The designs, ranging in size from small/medium (3 and 4 inch) to extra-large for maximum impact (6.5 inch), feature monochrome black ink and include:

  • Forever To Go: A heart made of twisted thorns.
  • Family Man: This realism skull is complete with a human eye.
  • Heaven on Earth: A cherub tattoo with wings and an ornate backdrop.
  • La Vita E Bella: Life is beautiful with this realism rose design.
  • Beat Therapy: A sacred heart tattoo encompassed by flames and a sunburst backdrop.

“People ask me all the time what their first tattoo should be… I always say it should be something that means something to you, something essential. That’s why we designed the sacred heart, the cherub, the skull, the rose… those are always going to be meaningful staples in tattoos,” noted Barker, nodding to the collection.

“This collaboration with Travis redefines the fan experience by providing new ways for consumers to express themselves,” said Tammy Singh, general manager, Inkbox. “We want fans to feel a bigger connection, one that encompasses more than just buying a t-shirt. We think it’s pretty cool to wear art designed by a music and tattoo icon that becomes a part of you.”

The limited-edition collection is available for purchase on and ranges in price from $21$31 USD. For fans looking to get their hands on more tattoos from Barker, new designs will drop in 2024. 

About Inkbox: Inkbox creates beautifully produced, artist-designed, temporary tattoos that last 1-2 weeks, fading as the skin naturally regenerates. Since its inception in 2015, millions of people from more than 150 countries around the world have worn Inkbox tattoos as style accessories to express their identity, and test drive permanent tattoo ideas before going all in.

With a growing catalog of more than 10,000 designs, Freehand Tattoo Markers, and custom tattoo software used to bring any idea to life, Inkbox now ships tens of thousands of tattoos every week. Inkbox has also come to be an important avenue of creative expression for many of today’s most respected tattoo artists. Collaborations with contemporary artists like BTS, Post Malone, Gorillaz, and Rupi Kaur have looked to the body as a canvas, creating a new promotional category of “skin merch.”

Located in downtown Toronto, Inkbox was acquired by BIC in 2022, joining the company’s Skin Creative portfolio. 


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