Lisbon-based label offers a luxury skate- and surf-inspired wardrobe system designed for the midlife fashion reboot

LISBON, Portugal, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Y.Chroma Apparel’s official launch is about more than a new menswear line.  The Lisbon-based brand is zealously focused on challenging the status quo of how 60 million mainstream professional men dress – what Founder and Creative Director Max Israel refers to as the “forgettability uniform” of the blue blazer or polar fleece vest.

“Every customer has a heartfelt story about what it feels like to be a mature man in our youth-obsessed culture,” Israel said. “They’re in line for coffee one day and realize that every other guy is basically wearing the same thing. It’s like we’re all wearing a ‘forgettability uniform’. Y.Chroma’s mission is to provide a unique, credible new option.”

The brand doesn’t underestimate the obstacles to challenging the status quo. The most prevalent color in clothes manufactured for men is gray. Beyond that, according to a recent study 81 percent of men reported having trouble getting dressed for an event. Many men find the process of developing a look, finding products, and dealing with sizing inconsistencies between brands to be demoralizing.

Y.Chroma is the first skate and surf luxury brand in the world offered as a complete wardrobe system, with an intense focus on premium build and textile quality. The brand goes beyond selling individual pieces, offering hundreds of composable and versatile outfits. These wardrobes allow men to express the skate and surf roots of their formative years while confidently wearing the vibrant color and quality that rises to the mature men they are today.

Everything from the house of Y.Chroma is made in Europe, interpreted in a broad array of couture and technical textiles that are both timeless and on-trend. Each meticulously designed and crafted garment reflects superior quality, paired with a premium surf and skate aesthetic.

A former tech founder in the Customer Experience space, American entrepreneur Israel understood that solving this meant throwing out much of the typical men’s fashion playbook, engineering a brand that looks beyond individual pieces and the seasonal cycle. 

One of Israel’s first decisions when launching the brand was to tap award-winning designer Nikolay Pachev as the brand’s principal designer. Pachev brings to Y.Chroma both a  deep understanding of what it takes to produce apparel at luxury standards, as well as the historical underpinning of fashion that anchors a timeless collection.

“At Y.Chroma, we believe that how a man dresses not only impacts how people see him,” Israel said. “It impacts how he sees himself. Inspiring men to feel totally prepared for this moment in time and stand out with confidence requires a lot more than just selling clothes.”

Enabling customers to make the mental leap to seeing themselves as fashionable, cool dressers has required building a brand based on teaching and inspiring. Israel personally presents a studio video of every piece Y.Chroma makes – currently 20 pieces covering classic pieces to statement-making garments – with the next 10 set to release over the summer.

“Owning a solid, sexy look is really not that different from any other success our customers have experienced in life,” Israel added. “It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because they made a plan, and they ran with it. Y.Chroma’s ambition is to be that plan.”

Beginning today, the label’s products and instructional videos are available direct-to-consumer online.  The offering includes the option of shopping by piece or by pre-designed wardrobes categorized by color palette. Individual pieces ranging from $139$799. The collection consists of unique pieces from knits and layers to pants in wearable colors, all constructed from premium-quality fabrics. Customers can visit Y.Chroma’s website at to shop the new collection  and experience personal style like never before.

About Y.Chroma ApparelLisbon-based brand Y.Chroma Apparel has launched its new menswear line, aiming to challenge the prevailing “forgettability uniform” of mainstream professional men’s attire. Founder and Creative Director Max Israel’s mission is to provide a fresh alternative by offering a transformative wardrobe system that combines skate and surf roots with vibrant colors and high-quality textiles. Y.Chroma’s approach goes beyond selling individual pieces, instead offering hundreds of versatile outfits that empower men to express themselves with confidence. By teaching and inspiring customers through studio videos of each garment, Y.Chroma aims to help men revitalize their style and embrace their individuality. With a focus on European craftsmanship and a fusion of sophistication and surf culture, the brand presents a collection available for purchase online, inviting customers to experience a blend of simplicity, inspiration, and unparalleled quality in their personal style. For more information, please visit and follow Y.Chroma on Instagram and Facebook.

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