Visionaries & Luxury Leaders Discuss Trends & Future Forecasts for 2024

LONDON and NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury award-winning global strategy and marketing agency, Issa PR will convene industry leaders and visionaries for its annual Future of Luxurysymposium in London and New York City in March 2024. The think-tank will feature some of the world’s top luxury brands, and media companies to ignite discussions on critical needs in the industry today, as well as the future of luxury. Moderated by founder and CEO of Issa PR, Viet N’Guyen, who has lectured at New York University’s School of Business, Stern on “The Intersection of Luxury & Philanthropy” – the symposium will explore the evolution of art, fashion, film, culture and technology, the importance of CSR and future forecasts for 2024. This year’s symposium will be held at W1 Curates, a pioneering digital art gallery and public platform in London, and iconic American sculptor, Barry X Ball’s architecturally distinctive studio in NYC.

Innovators and experts on the panel this year include:

Wednesday, 6th March

  • Mark Dale – Founder, W1 Curates
  • Stefan Jakubowsi – Fashion Photographer
  • Kelly Dempsey – Senior Producer & Project Director
  • Marc Swadel – Director & Cinematographer

New York
Wednesday, 13th March

  • Brandon Snower Founder & CEO, Le Alfré
  • Pablo Power – Artist
  • Kyle Mengelkamp – Broadcast Producer, UBS
  • Andrew Lockhart – Visionaire Magazine | Arts Council

The “Future of Luxury” will discuss forecasts for 2024 and the impact of current events on business. Distinguished leaders will share groundbreaking insights to shape the future of the industry. Issa PR launched the symposium in 2021 and has international experience representing some of the biggest companies in the world, including Vogue Italia, Fendi, Zegna, Absolut, Davidoff Cool Water, Warner Music, Def Jam Records and The United Nations, among others. The exclusive thought-leadership event is an annual symposium, which takes place in London and New York, where Issa PR is co-headquartered.

“At Issa PR, we are driven by passion to instigate change through dynamic thinking to inspire brands and leaders to connect with consumers authentically. We are excited to continue hosting the ‘Future of Luxury’ symposium bringing together the world’s leading thinkers and changemakers. Our aim is to facilitate thoughtful dialogue that pave the way for impactful change, setting the blueprint for the future,” said Viet N’Guyen, founder and CEO of Issa PR.

Panelists said:

Andrew Lockhart | Chief of Relations, Arts Council

“As a marketing strategist for avant-garde fashion magazine, Visionaire Magazine, and now Chief of Relations for the Arts Council in the UAE, we are continuing to see the evolution of media and art post-pandemic. I’ll be discussing the ever-changing landscape of contemporary art and culture. It is an honor and a privilege to participate in the Future of Luxury panel this year. I look forward to fostering insightful dialogue, alongside some of the brightest minds in the luxury space.”

Brandon Snower | Founder & CEO, Le Alfré

“At Le Alfré, we see the menswear industry as more than simply clothing. It’s a lifestyle, aesthetic and culture that extends beyond fashion. While it’s our responsibility to pay tribute and instill heritage, quality and tradition, it is also our responsibility to challenge the norm and standard ways of thinking and innovate for the new generations to come. I’m excited to share my unique experiences, success, failures and learnings building a new heritage in the fashion space and provide value to other brands and individuals looking to do the same. Whether through product design, storytelling, craftsmanship, company culture, mission, etc I believe we all have to leverage our own authenticity and perspective to create something meaningful that people can join and follow.”

Kelly Dempsey | Senior Producer & Project Director     

“As a seasoned event producer and director, working for various brands and global organizations blending culture and language, it’s imperative to create powerful narratives in events to connect with consumers in an authentic way. From creating fan zones for sporting fans to VIP suites to unique, one-of-a-kind installations, instilling something memorable and meaningful is the key to success. I’m excited to share more at the Future of Luxury this year alongside other panelists and leaders.”

Kyle Mengelkamp | Broadcast Director, UBS

“As a story maker who cultivates powerful ideas and important conversations to enrich the lives of others, I am thrilled to collaborate with Issa PR in this think-tank to drive discussions amongst innovators to develop a deeper understanding of the industry. Content should be real, raw, authentic, and heartwarming for brands, individuals, and organizations. These factors are unquestionably important for success in both content, as well as campaigns this year and beyond.”

Mark Dale | Founder, W1 Curates

“Located in the centre of London’s West End, W1 Curates and W1 Immersive is a permanent, purpose-designed public platform and digital art gallery that offers new pathways, and possibilities between the traditional, and the digital art space. We’ve been honoured to work with many major blue-chip artists, galleries and support cultural moments. W1 Curates manufacturer all our own LED screens and technology in house and now have over 2600 screens globally. As art and the digital landscape continue to blur – I very much look forward to sharing insights on this dynamic and fast changing time for both industries.”

Marc Swadel | Director & Cinematographer

“From music videos to commercials to talent integrations and branded content today, it is imperative to gain wider insights into how each aspect is developed and then integrated into its final product. As a director and cinematographer, I look forward to speaking about my experience and reflecting on the strategies involved in filmmaking, business and creativity. I am honored to have been selected amongst the esteemed panelists at the Future of Luxury this year.”

Pablo Power | Artist

“As a young artist, my earliest inspiration came from observing how our creative spirit can bring people together in conversation and understanding. People who may not even have a language in common, can stand together and communicate through their shared interest in creative connection. My greatest interests still exist in the place where disparate or divergent communities can align in collaboration. I’m excited to participate in this thought-provoking discussion about ideas to bring my experience to a place where art, fashion, business, and technology will converge in conversation.”

Stefan Jakubowski | Photographer

“As a fashion photographer for the British Fashion Council, London Fashion Week and many brands and organisations, we are seeing the industry evolve quickly as it relates to AI. The industry is in flux and more fragmented than ever, requiring more tenacity and creativity from brands. I will be sharing insights on how to navigate this from a photography and content perspective to adapt to these changes in the market. And the intersection of how storytelling and photography comes into play everyday.”

The “Future of Luxury” will take place on Wednesday, 6th March in London at 1230pm at
W1 Curates: 161-167 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JP
New York City on Wednesday 13th March at 6pm at the Barry X Ball Studio:
193 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

For more information or to join the event, please visit: www://

About Issa PR

International luxury and lifestyle brand strategy and marketing agency Issa PR is co-headquartered in London and New York with team members across the US and Europe. Creating captivating campaigns and thoughtful dialogue, Issa PR represents luxury fashion, art, entertainment, philanthropy and social good clients. With over 20 years experience traversing the luxury, lifestyle and philanthropy industry, the team comprises a global network of experts, influencers and leading-edge creatives. Clients have included: Absolut Elyx, Absolut Masterbrand, Vogue Italia, Def Jam Records, Warner Music Group, Davidoff Cool Water, The United Nations and Istituto Marangoni London. For more information, visit or follow Issa at @IssaPRofficial on Instagram, Facebook, X and TikTok.

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