BRISTOL, Pa., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Taking care of our eyes means paying close attention to changing our needs – and looking for ways to pay less. WebEyeCare has the solutions we’ve been waiting for in an online experience that takes the stress out of shopping for eyewear and contact lenses. Plus, they have the latest tech in eyewear with Acuvue Transitions contact lenses and Ray-Ban Meta and Lucyd Bluetooth Audio eyeglasses. More on that below.

Whether you wear a form of eyewear consistently for vision correction or as a fashion option, WebEyeCare provides affordable contact lenses and eyeglasses in a wide range of choices for everyone (save up to 70%).

Reframing your day-to-day look is easy. The brand makes fashion eyewear more accessible and brings the traditional glasses store experience online (where most of us shop!).

Enjoy convenience, expert care, and reliable delivery, all in a one-stop-shop destination. Browse from various styles and trends and get your prescription filled, too.

Why Choose WebEyeCare:

  • Everyday eyewear essentials delivered to your doorstep, hassle-free.
  • Find your new favorite pair of glasses or order your tried and true brand of discount contact lenses online.
  • Select from designer brands like Ray-Ban, Versace, and Jimmy Choo and contacts like Acuvue (dailies, two-week, transitions).
  • Search for the latest in technological advances with smart features.
  • Use vision insurance from accepted plans.
  • Take an RX exam online for $34.99.
  • Trust in a knowledgeable vision care staff to put the health and safety of your eyes first and double-check your prescription.

This terrific company takes care of your eyewear needs so you can stay focused on what matters most. Samples are available for story opportunities.

WebEyeCare Has the Latest Tech in Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

  • Ray-Ban Meta (From $498.95) – Eyeglasses and sunglasses that seamlessly merge classic style with cutting-edge technology. These smart glasses elevate your fashion statement with iconic designs and bring a futuristic touch with integrated smart features. Engineered with Meta technology, these glasses provide a hands-free and interactive experience, allowing you to stay connected while maintaining a sleek appearance. From making calls to capturing photos effortlessly, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses offer a harmonious blend of timeless aesthetics and modern functionality, redefining the way you engage with both fashion and technology.
  • Lucyd Bluetooth Audio (From $189.95) – Get the best of both worlds with the Lucyd Fusion Smart Glasses and Sunglasses. Perfectly combining timeless eyewear design with cutting-edge technology, these glasses offer seamless Bluetooth audio, intuitive touch controls, and a battery life that lasts all day.
  • Acuvue Transitions Contact Lenses ($48.95/2-month supply) – Acuvue Oasys with Transitions is the perfect choice for those who want the convenience of sunglasses without having to carry them around. These lenses darken in sunlight and provide UV protection, making them ideal for outdoor activities. The Hydraclear technology ensures that your eyes stay comfortable and hydrated.

For more information, visit or contact [email protected].

About WebEyeCare:
WebEyeCare carries all of the leading name brands from doctors’ most trusted manufacturers of soft contact lenses. We receive and dispense the same lenses as prescribed by your eye doctor. We also offer an extensive and varied collection of designer glasses and sunglasses for everyone in your family. Whether you love a classic look or want to make a bold statement, we have a frame that will fit your lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram @webeyecare.


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