YIWU, China, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. During a conversation about the recent sales of Jundayi, a popular retro puffy dark green overcoat, and an array of cotton jackets, Mr. Chen from Liliang Apparel was busy packing. He mentioned that the earliest delivery for pre-ordered Chinese military-style overcoats would take at least 20 days. Furthermore, he highlighted that, except for a few scattered items, the market is currently grappling with widespread shortages.

Having been in the clothing business for over a decade, Mr. Chen never anticipated that military-style overcoats would emerge as a trend spanning three generations—from his father’s era to his son’s. This trend stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of these overcoats, fueled by the climate and a nostalgia sentiment among people.

This winter has taken an unexpected turn, marked by sudden cold spells and heavy snowfall in the northeast, along with a sharp drop in temperatures in the southern regions, leaving everyone perplexed. Buyers from regions like three provinces in the northeast of China, Shanxi, and Shaanxi, who traditionally place orders for military-style overcoats every year, had already started receiving shipments as early as July. However, in November, a notable temperature drop swept across most of the country. In response, fashion-forward college students took to creating and sharing creative snow videos online, praising the wind-resistant and cost-effective qualities of military coats. This sparked a nationwide resonance, ultimately driving Jundayi to go viral. Additionally, military-style overcoats are frequently seen on celebrities in film and television productions, further enhancing their popularity through the “star effect”.

According to Mr. Chen, in November, both the upgraded fleece military coats and the traditional padded military coats were entirely sold out. Each customer placed orders for a minimum of 2,000-3,000 pieces, with a significant number of new customers from Yiwugo.com.

A buyer from Shanxi, who first engaged with Mr. Chen through Yiwugo three years ago, has been placing annual orders for military-style overcoats and other cotton apparel products, with the order amount averaging around 200,000 RMB. This year, the buyer kicked off the purchasing process early and placed additional orders in September. Sales of military coats have witnessed a remarkable surge of over 30 percent this year until the beginning of December, as stated by Mr. Chen.

Huang Zonghong, the owner of Kaituo Apparel, has been engaged in the military and protective clothing industry for over 20 years. However, this marks the first occasion where he has observed such a significant surge in the popularity of military-style overcoats.

The difference is that the purchasing trend at Kaituo Apparel occurred in October. Huang Zonghong said that the majority of new customers came from Yiwugo and short video platforms, with the highest number of new customers from Shanxi. In the past month, a new customer from Shanxi purchased approximately 80,000 RMB worth of military-style overcoats through Yiwugo for use as protective gear. Within Zhejiang province, the highest volume of orders came from film crews in Hengdian. Each customer typically places orders starting from a few thousand pieces.

The military-style overcoats offered by Kaituo Apparel are categorized into two types: those equipped with removable inner linings and those without. Furthermore, a novel style of military-style overcoat, crafted from high-density long-pile fabric, has garnered substantial attention across various e-commerce platforms and major supermarket chains.

Amidst the ongoing craze for military coats in China, the “Da Hua Ao,” a cost-effective traditional garment from Northeast China, is carving out a significant presence in global markets. This trend of Chinese Northeastern floral cotton-padded jackets is sweeping through the fashion industry with unstoppable momentum. We are keeping a close eye on how this trend will evolve, eagerly awaiting its development.

SOURCE Yiwugo.com

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