OpsVeda’s AI Assistant JUNI is Now Generative AI Powered

AskJUNI enables users to get answers and optimization prescriptions through messaging tools such as Teams, Slack and WhatsApp.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OpsVeda, the leading provider of Operations Management Systems today announced that JUNI, the Assistant for operations team members, is now Generative AI Powered. AskJUNI, the new conversational capability, will allow operations teams to discover information and access optimization prescriptions through natural language exchanges, and is enabled through popular messaging tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, with WhatsApp being added soon. The Generative AI capability also enables JUNI to provide proactive insights through various data snippets, storyboards, and email.

Expertise Portfolio: For many years now, companies have been relying on OpsVeda’s Operations Management System (OMS) to align supply, demand, inventory and logistics. The vast set of proven solutions that is part of the OMS is JUNI’s expertise portfolio. The prompts have been engineered, and models fine-tuned to, accurately interpret users’ free form questions and to invoke the right algorithms from the expertise portfolio with appropriate parameters specific to the user’s query.

Security and Control: JUNI’s Generative AI implementation ensures security of enterprise data through multiple measures including anonymization and encryption of data. The data and attribute level authorization checks that have been in place for years in the OpsVeda applications are automatically applied to AskJUNI requests.

Prompt Management: The AskJUNI architecture also includes continuous learning and refinement of configurable prompts that are sent to the Large Language Models (LLMs) which interpret user queries. The prompts are logged into a database after anonymizing and removing customer identifying information. Data stewards curate these prompts to build the training data set for Machine Learning models. The models detect patterns that help refine user prompts.

“Getting the power of the OMS to every operations team member has been a crusade for each one of us at OpsVeda for well over a decade,” said Sanjiv Gupta, CEO of OpsVeda. “AskJUNI is a massive step towards ease of access to our algorithms.”

“With AskJUNI, users don’t have to log into the OpsVeda web application. They can reap the benefits of OpsVeda from the familiarity of messaging applications they use every day, bringing AGILITY to important customer, product, inventory, order or supply decisions,” he added. “The Generative AI addition to JUNI is also a big win for the regular users and analysts who login to the application. With configurable prompt driven insights across snippets, data grids and email alerts, JUNI also serves as copilot for everyday decisions and actions.”

OpsVeda users have hailed the Generative AI capabilities of JUNI. “OpsVeda is a pivotal solution for HanesBrands’ supply planning, PO prioritization and inventory utilization. Its Microsoft Teams JUNI interface leveraging Generative AI democratizes answers to complex supply chain questions, making them accessible to HanesBrands associates at all levels, enabling them to provide better service to our customers,” said Hemant Ramaswami, HanesBrands VP Supply Chain Planning, Global.

Nimal Amitirigala, President of Grace Foods Canada, shared similar views. He said, “My team and I have been using OpsVeda to improve our tracking of fulfillment and overall customer service. We could further boost our productivity if we were able to increase the speed with which we are able to access critical information. Enabling the AskJUNI interface within our messaging tool – Teams – presents one such opportunity. The ability to check the inventory availability of a product or the likelihood of fulfillment of a customer order through a simple message would be a powerful addition to the way we work.”

Lee Steffensen, Head of IT and Business Process at Royce Too, said, “Generative AI has the tremendous potential to bring the co-pilot framework and its efficiency to everyday work in our enterprise. OpsVeda JUNI brings this technology to us, and in a scalable manner! The OpsVeda approach addresses user authentication, data anonymization and predictive accuracy, while striving to respond to our associates in a structured repeatable manner using questions, which they ask every day.”

Generative AI is a paradigm shift that has profound implications for the future of work and the future of operations. OpsVeda confirmed multiple initiatives across customer base to activate AskJUNI at scale, and to expand decision intelligence for users.

About OpsVeda
OpsVeda is an enterprise software company on a mission to make customer operations immensely agile and profitable, through operational intelligence and AI-infused automation. Powered by patented technology and passion for business agility, OpsVeda Operations Management System delivers predictive visibility and prescriptive automation towards opportunities, risks, and exceptions across the business functions of order fulfillment, supply, manufacturing, logistics, inventory, assets, and channel / retail. OpsVeda customers span consumer-packaged goods, food and beverage, fashion and retail, industrials, manufacturing, and high-tech industries.

Founded in 2010, OpsVeda serves its customers from its headquarters in San Jose, CA and offices in Greensboro, NC and Bengaluru, India.

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