Pair Eyewear Expands Global Footprint With Direct-To-Consumer Expansion Into The UK And Australia

On a mission to bring joy into the often-overlooked optical industry, Pair Eyewear also announces the opening of its second manufacturing facility in Irvine, California promising affordability and accessibility to customers

NEW YORK, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pair Eyewear, the first direct-to-consumer customizable eyewear brand to reimagine the consumer experience for people with glasses, announces it is expanding its global footprint into the UK and Australia. After securing  $75 million in funding for its Series C in October, during which the brand revealed plans to enlarge its U.S.-based lens lab and in-house manufacturing facilities and to extend its customer reach globally through an international expansion, the Pair Eyewear has, just eight months later, undoubtedly entered its next phase of growth.

Pair Eyewear’s international expansion marks a milestone in revolutionizing the eyewear industry, aiming to redefine the lackluster consumer experience worldwide. With innovative collaborations and a personalized approach to curating eyewear wardrobes, Pair Eyewear introduces a unique concept previously unseen in both the UK and Australian optical markets.

As in the U.S., the company’s Top Frame and Base Frame collections will now be accessible via e-commerce in the UK and Australia, with free shipping and returns available on all orders.

“When Nathan and I started the brand, it was on the basis of providing people globally with eyewear as dynamic as you are. Our expansion to the UK and Australia is a significant step towards making this belief a reality on a global scale. We’re committed to providing affordable and accessible eyeglasses to communities worldwide,” said Pair Eyewear Co-CEO and Co-Founder Sophia Edelstein. “Our goal is to become a household name not only in the United States but internationally,” she added.

In addition to bringing a fresh look and business model to a legacy industry, Pair Eyewear is leading its industry thanks in part to a vertically integrated supply chain and automated manufacturing processes to reinvent the $140 billion eyewear industry. A second facility located in Irvine, California is now fully operational. Across all offices and facilities, the brand now employs a total of 185 people. Owning their manufacturing processes end-to-end allows Pair Eyewear to manufacture in a far more efficient and cost-effective way, which translates to more affordability, access for the customer, higher quality of product and expedited shipping times.

“As we have continued to expand our e-commerce presence into new markets, we look forward to continued growth for the business through global retailer partnerships and the continued escalation of Pair Eyewear’s integrated manufacturing capabilities,” said Pair Eyewear Co-CEO and Co-Founder Nathan Edelstein. “Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities are a core competency of the brand. Since launch, we have continually invested in research and development that has allowed the business to develop a family of patents around customizable technology, further pushing innovation in an outdated industry. We look forward to continuing this innovation on a global scale,” he added.

The company, which was co-founded in 2019 by Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein who met as undergraduate students at Stanford University, provides the world’s first customizable glasses with an engaging digital experience, including prescription lenses. Pair Eyewear’s technology allows for “switchable” Top Frames that attach to a base pair of glasses and is recognized for its innovative take on bringing affordable personalization and creativity to the market. Pair Eyewear is proud to keep investing in research and development on the heels of both fully integrated U.S. manufacturing facilities.

About Pair Eyewear:
Pair Eyewear, the first direct-to-consumer customizable eyewear brand reimagining the consumer experience for individuals with glasses, allows adults and children alike to quickly and easily change the look of their glasses–  anytime, anywhere. Pair Eyewear provides the world’s first patented customizable glasses with an engaging digital experience at a competitive price point well below the industry standard. Pair Eyewear was the first company to invent fashionable “switchable” top frames that attach to a base pair of glasses and is recognized for its technology to bring affordable personalization and creativity to the market. The brand’s large and expanding selection of 1,000-plus customizable Top Frames includes limited edition monthly drops and licensed designs from brands such as DC, NHL, MLB, Marvel, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, The NBA, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and more for optical glasses, sunglasses and blue light glasses, all available in both prescription and non-prescription models. For specific collections in each market, please visit or @PairEyewear on Instagram and TikTok.

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