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Artistic Empowerment and Bold Self-Expression Take Center Stage as GAWX’s Graffiti Prints Come Alive in the Reimagined ‘The Artist Lifestyle’ Collection

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SHEIN X, the program under the global fashion and lifestyle online retailer SHEIN, to support independent artists and designers, proudly unveils its collaboration with acclaimed artist GAWX. The SHEIN X GAWX collection seamlessly fuses streetwear edge with artistic expression, allowing individuals to embrace originality and creativity through fashion.

GAWX, whose last collection in collaboration with SHEIN X saw sell-out success, has graced urban landscapes worldwide. He expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Fashion has always been an outlet for me to express my artistic vision. Collaborating with SHEIN X allows me to share ‘The Artist Lifestyle’ with a broader audience, encouraging them to unleash their creativity and live authentically.” 

This second installment of the limited-edition collection celebrates GAWX’s iconic graffiti-inspired aesthetic with a contemporary twist. Bold prints, vibrant colors, and minimalist designs adorn a range of streetwear and casual pieces, including graphic tees, sweatshirts, hats, and accessories. Each garment serves as an affordable, vibrant canvas, inviting wearers to make a statement and showcase their individuality.

The collection is also the latest addition to SHEIN X, whose mission is to support originality and to make unique designs more accessible to customers worldwide. Founded in 2021, SHEIN X empowers creativity by guiding independent fashion designers and artists through the process that brings their ideas to life – from product development to manufacturing, to marketing and supply chain logistics. The program has partnered with pioneer artists, designers, and creatives to launch exclusive collections that remain affordable to all. Since its launch, more than 4,600 artists, designers, and creatives at SHEIN X have leveraged SHEIN’s industry-leading, on-demand production to launch more than 41,000 original creations to SHEIN’s global audiences.

The SHEIN X GAWX collection is now available for purchase exclusively at and the SHEIN mobile app.


SHEIN X is a program under SHEIN––the global online fashion and lifestyle retailer––that collaborates with independent designers, artists, and creatives to launch exclusive collections. By empowering talented creators worldwide, SHEIN X celebrates originality and marries the essence of upscale fashion with affordability, making statement pieces affordable for all. To learn about SHEIN X GAWX, visit

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