MIAMI, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sneaker Impact, an industry-leading sustainability company dedicated to reducing footwear waste and fostering environmental awareness, has announced an innovative partnership with the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court & Comptroller. Together, they are poised to make a significant impact in promoting sustainable practices within the community and beyond. With a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, Sneaker Impact and the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court & Comptroller, under the dynamic leadership of Juan Fernandez-Barquin, Esq., have forged a groundbreaking alliance aimed at tackling the pressing issue of sneaker waste. By leveraging the influential platform of the Clerk of Court & Comptroller’s office, Sneaker Impact seeks to amplify its mission of sustainability and inspire positive change on a larger scale. Juan Fernandez-Barquin, Esq., an ardent advocate for environmental conservation, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “My office celebrates Earth Day every day by partnering with Sneaker Impact, which recycles gently used sneakers. Together, we can make a tangible difference in protecting our planet for future generations.” Through this strategic partnership, Sneaker Impact plans to harness the power of community engagement to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and repurposing sneakers. By collecting gently used sneakers and diverting them from landfills, the initiative aims to minimize environmental impact and promote a circular economy model that prioritizes sustainability. “We are thrilled to join forces with the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court & Comptroller to amplify our collective impact,” said Moe Hachem, CEO of Sneaker Impact. “By working together, we can empower individuals to take meaningful action towards building a more sustainable future.” This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the ongoing effort to address the environmental challenges facing our planet. Sneaker Impact and the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court & Comptroller are leading by example, demonstrating how partnership and innovation can drive positive change on a global scale. For more information on how to participate in this transformative initiative, please visit 

About Sneaker Impact: Sneaker Impact is a trailblazing sustainability company committed to reducing footwear waste and promoting environmental awareness. Through cutting-edge recycling initiatives and community partnerships, Sneaker Impact is paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

About Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court & Comptroller: The Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court & Comptroller is dedicated to delivering exceptional public service while upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability. Under the visionary leadership of Juan Fernandez-Barquin, the Clerk of Court & Comptroller’s office serves as a beacon of innovation and progress in the Miami-Dade community.

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