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The State Of Men’s Fashion In 2022

The State of Men’s Fashion in 2022

Like all trends, men’s fashion trends change with time and seasons. These trends also change how clothes fit, look and even the materials they are made out of. Keeping this in mind, it is only natural to change your closet to fit the fad in men’s fashion.

Closet Essentials For Men in 2022

In simple terms, these are items you must have in your closet. A fitting shirt is the first item you need for your closet. It is also important to note that what looks on one man in the streets or runway may not necessarily look good on you. You should consider your arms, shoulders and abdomen size. So, find out the best type of shirt for your build and get the correct shirt. You may opt for shirts with neutral colors like brown, white and black that can be worn more than once without being noticed.

Secondly, a nice pair of pants that complements your frame. This could be a slim-fit pair of jeans, khakis or straight jeans. Likewise, always find the best size of pants for you. Measure your waist and frame to ensure you get the correct fit. You can also pick neutral-colored jeans to begin with since they can be paired with most items in your closet.

Other closet essentials include well-fitting blazers for formal occasions, varsity jackets for casual occasions and normal hoodies for lounging. To top up your classic stylish look, get suitable pair of boots that can work for both formal and casual occasions like Chelsea boots. In the same way, get them in neutral colors like brown and black. It goes without saying that a belt will enhance your look, making sure your trousers stay in place throughout the day.

The State of Men's Fashion in 2022

New Fashion Trends in 2022

As mentioned earlier, fashion trends change from one season to the next. Therefore, it is typical that 2022 has new fashion trends for men this year including Issey Miyake, Axel Arigato, Rick Owens and Etro. Here are the top 4 trends for men this year:

1. Maximalism When Using Fabric
This trend focuses on using every inch of clothing in a bold way, opposite to minimalism. If you choose to jump on this trend, strive for custom-made outfits. This way of personalizing your fits will allow you to create repetitive patterns throughout the outfit. Alternatively, you may choose a single piece of clothing as the statement piece and mix it with a louder print.

Does this mean you can’t show any skin? Of course not! Designers like Alexander McQueen are not shy from showing skin while maximizing every inch of the fabric. There are outfits that expose the legs like ripped jeans and biceps like cut-off sleeves. With maximalism, you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from. The only question to ask yourself is, how daring am I with my outfits?

2. Bold Colors and Prints
Gone are the days when prints and colors were left to women’s fashion. Research also shows that colors have a direct hand in influencing your mood. Today, designers in men’s fashion are injecting bold bright colors and prints into the daily dressing. Brighter colors like pink, electric yellow and acid green are now popular among men. These brighter shades aren’t replacing your neutral-colored outfits, they are merely complimenting them. Hence, don’t be shy to wear a pink shirt with your beige pants. What color combination are you thinking of now? Remember, you can always stylishly pair your bold colors and prints with neutral-colored outfits.

3. Retro Look
Sometimes old is gold. The 90s were filled with snapbacks and baseball caps, a look that is gradually catching up as 2022 unfolds. However, the key difference is that men now wear these hats front and center. These fits are popping up on different runways across the globe, paired with branded sweatshirts and T-shirts. You can top off your look with a biker jacket for a completely edgy look. To perfectly match the 90s look, use your baggiest pair of jeans and a pair of checkered Vans. Just like that, you are back in the 90s men’s fashion scene.

4. Gorpocore
This trend is inspired by the outdoors and focuses more on clothing that is functional. Fabric with earth tones is more popular for this style. However, brighter colored clothing is also gaining presence. If hiking, running, or exploring the outdoors is part of your to-do list this year, Gorpcore is exactly what you need. Nonetheless, people are still wearing them as a fashion statement. This means you don’t need to do any physical activity to wear Gorpcore. If you like it, wear it!

The State of Men's Fashion in 2022

Final Words

It is no surprise that the trend in men’s fashion this year is to stand out. From this list, which trend are you most excited to try out? As you buy your outfits, remember that style is not associated with expensive brands. The most important thing is to identify your style and find clothes that fit your build perfectly.

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