Vooglam’s Aurora Glasses: A Spectacle of Light and Color in Eyewear

Vivid Visions: The Aurora Series by Vooglam—A Confluence of Color, Light, and Style

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vooglam[1], a leader in the fusion of fashion and functionality in eyewear, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest collection – the Aurora Series[2]. This exquisite line of glasses is not just a fashion statement but a tribute to the courage and colorful essence of Aurora.

Vooglam’s Aurora Series, inspired by the celestial dance of light and color of the polar lights. Each pair in the Aurora Series is a canvas where the ephemeral beauty of the Aurora Borealis is brought to life in an array of vivid colors and innovative designs.

The Aurora Series frames stand out with their iridescent color transitions, capturing the very essence of the polar lights’ dynamic display. The frames feature a medley of colors, such as the vibrant teals that fade into deep purples, the warm golds that dissolve into cool blues, and the passionate pinks that seamlessly blend into soft lavenders, reflecting the ethereal sky’s palette.

One frame from the series named Ekanta[3] boasts a square design with a playful yet sophisticated silhouette, it begins with a deep purple, cascading into a serene blue and tranquil teal, and culminating in a golden amber, echoing the first rays of a sunrise. Another frame Felicja[4] offers a geometric shape, its edges defined in magenta, while its face presents a serene gradient of cyan, echoing the polar light’s mysterious movement.

In the Aurora Series, Vooglam has also included oval and square frames, each featuring the same mesmerizing color spectrum. The oval frames, with their gentle curves, display an ombre transition from a sunrise orange to a dusky purple. The square frames make a statement with a gradient that mimics the horizon, blending a fiery rose into a tranquil sea green.

Beyond their stunning appearance, the Aurora Series glasses are crafted with precision and care, ensuring they are as durable as they are beautiful. The frames, while varying in weight, share a commonality in their robust construction and the use of quality materials, promising longevity and comfort.

This exquisite collection is a testament to Vooglam’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of eyewear design. The Aurora Series is not just about seeing the world more clearly; it’s about seeing it more beautifully. With frames that capture the splendor of the polar lights, Vooglam invites you to ‘Dance with the Colors of Courage’ and express your unique style.

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