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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WILBUR launches its boldly futuristic, advanced automotive-inspired approach to horology into orbit for its latest release: the world-class, avant-garde WILBUR LEO JW1. Combining a truly innovative, one-of-a-kind approach to the classic jumping hour complication with an intricate, sculptural design and visual touches lifted straight from the famous UFO wreckage in Roswell, New Mexico, the LEO collection elevates WILBUR’s bold horological vision to greater heights than ever before. The LEO is also the platform for the WILBUR Engine One – the brand’s first-ever movement, designed in-house at CEO and Chief Designer Jason Wilbur’s Southern California design studio and made in Switzerland. After seven years of development and countless hours of styling and engineering, the LEO is ready for blast off.

Combining elements from world-class custom car chassis and sci-fi mechanical structures, the LEO’s eight-part modular titanium housing goes far beyond the typical watch case. WILBUR’s modular approach gives every angle and facet of this design the utmost attention to detail. WILBUR’s intelligent approach to ergonomic design and lightweight construction ensures this watch also fits a wide range of wrists.

Alien hieroglyphs appear to dominate the LEO’s complex, multi-layered skeleton dial, spread across a pair of broad overlapping suspended disks Inspired by symbols found on “UFO wreckage” in Roswell, New Mexico, these two sets of angular, striking markings converge at the center of the dial underneath a wild, avant-garde suspended skeleton bridge. In the bridge’s central ring the “alien language” is deciphered, and the central jump hour display is revealed.

With a proprietary alloy never before used in a watch movement, The WILBUR Engine One movement appears to float inside the LEO’s exoskeleton thanks to WILBUR’s signature case suspension system that keeps the movement and dial secure while giving them a bold, almost weightless look inside the case. Each WILBUR LEO’s performance is every bit as cutting-edge as its styling. A dependable 50-hour power reserve and a smooth 4 HZ frequency means the LEO isn’t just a game-changing design – it’s ready for practical use as well.

“Welcome to the new Wild-West. The WILBUR brand exemplifies the spirit of pioneers by pushing the limits of what’s possible and never backing down from a challenge – just like our customers.” – Jason Wilbur

The WILBUR LEO JW1 ranges from $32,500 to $36,500.

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