NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WILI, a New York based statement-wear brand, announces their official brand entering the luxury market. Reimagining everyday wear inspired by bold colors and eye-catching silhouettes, WILI’s first collection perfectly fuses the excitement of the runway with the energy from the streets. The first collection is now live on with pieces starting at $450.

Founder and creative director of WILI, Kaitlin Peña, found herself creating pieces that met both comfortability and elegance. The continuous admiration received for these eye-catching designs led Peña to create the brand name, WILI. In honor of her parents, the ‘WI’ comes from her dad who taught her to sew and the ‘LI’ from her mom who gave her a love for fashion.

The collection has a strong emphasis on exquisite fabric and impeccable construction, each creation staying true to the brand’s identity of bringing elevated artistry to everyday wear while prioritizing ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Peña states, “With this collection, and really WILI as a whole, we reimagine what every day wear means. I’m inspired by color and eye-catching silhouettes, but I’m also picky about how my clothes feel. This collection takes closet staples and fuses them with character. Fashion should be empowering for everyone involved, which is why our pieces are made ethically here in New York, and we’ve sourced sustainable fabric from some of the top mills in Europe.”

Pieces are now live on with a link to official imagery HERE.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries.


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