The ZOZOFIT 2.0 update will provide access to accurate information and analysis supporting each unique journey

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading fitness technology company, ZOZOFIT, announces its new subscription-based model making its revolutionary innovation accessible and more inclusive to all. As a pioneer in the fitness technology landscape, ZOZOFIT will introduce a new scanning experience, ZOZOFIT 2.0, requiring only a user and their smartphone to support holistic body shape improvement.

ZOZOFIT takes a transformative step forward in closing the gap in health tech accessibility with its new subscription service. Evolving from its classic ZOZOSUIT, this new offering will democratize health technology, with consumers tracking their fitness and body changes from the comfort of their homes in under two minutes. Adapting to marketplace needs and analyzing learnings from over two million ZOZOSUIT scans, the development of the ZOZOFIT app-only scanning experience comes at the peak of consumer demand for accurate wellness technology.

As the brand expands and shifts its focus to accessibility, the simplified subscription service will require no hardware and is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. All body shapes can be scanned upon activating a subscription with a front-facing smartphone camera and snug clothing, as purchasing a ZOZOSUIT will not be required. Users can choose to select a monthly subscription retailing for $14.99, or a three-month subscription retailing for $29.99, depending on their commitment to their fitness transformation. All new subscribers are provided a seven-day free trial to familiarize themselves with the technology. This new scanning experience is the future of fitness tracking at the tip of your fingers anywhere, anytime.

“ZOZOFIT is dedicated to supporting everyone in finding a body shape improvement plan that resonates with their goals, environment, and preferences,” says the CEO of ZOZO USA, Utahiro Inui. “The vision is to create a world where everyone can achieve their desired physique in a healthy, sustainable way.”

ZOZOFIT remains committed to continuous innovation and improvement, with future plans for the app to serve as a bridge to existing players while always looking to expand partnerships to solidify mutual growth. Available for iOS users to start, ZOZOFIT plans to extend this to Android owners in the future. Outside of this, ZOZOFIT’s forward-thinking approach looks beyond measurement accuracy. New initiatives include personalized insights and predictive solutions for the user’s health journey. Consumers will be able to visualize potential health trajectories and receive tailored recommendations. Simultaneously, the brand will continue the development of trackable measurements, comparison views, and tracking and accountability features.

While ZOZOFIT remains future-focused, they continue to strive to be inclusive for all users. To maintain their inclusivity efforts, the ZOZOSUIT, which is available for iOS and Android users, will continue to be available for purchase, retailing for $199 at the conclusion of their open beta stage. 

Based in California, ZOZO APPAREL USA is a cutting-edge technology company focusing on wearables in the health and wellness space. After launching an earlier version of the ZOZOSUIT alongside the ZOZO custom-fit clothing brand in 2018, the brand heard requests from countless customers who wanted to use the ZOZOSUIT for measuring and tracking their body’s shape. The brand now specializes in at-home 3D scanning capabilities that provide precise measurements, in-sights and body fat percentage — supporting customers at every step of their fitness journey. By taking the learnings that were gathered from measuring over 2 million users during the first generation, the improved version of the ZOZOSUIT and newly developed app, ZOZOFIT, were launched in August 2022. ZOZO APPAREL USA is the culmination of a global collaboration with teams in Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States of America. ZOZOFIT is continually improving and evolving the ZOZOFIT experience thanks to input from world-renowned experts in weight loss and fitness, as well as courageous customers on a wide range of personal fitness and body transformation journeys. Every fitness journey is unique. They hope to support you at every step of yours however, it takes shape. For more information, please visit, or visit the app store and follow on Instagram, X and Facebook.

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